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A net assessment of the world
George Friedman | 20 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: geopolitics, Stratfor
Realities frozen by the Cold War are still emerging, bringing a general malaise.

Burnout, depression and suicide in medicine: One doctor’s story
James W Lynch | 20 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: depression, health care, suicide
Doctors are struggling under an epidemic of depression.

The punishment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Carolyn Moynihan | 20 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: Boston Marathon bombings, death penalty
Reasons not to execute the Boston Marathon bomber.

The fairest referendum money can buy
Michael Cook | 19 May 2015 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: Ireland, same-sex marriage, same-sex marriage referendum
An American foundation has poured millions into a campaign to support same-sex marriage in Ireland.

Mixed signals on marijuana coming from Vancouver
Ada Slivinski | 19 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: Canada, law enforcement, marijuana
Why isn't the government enforcing the law?

More perspective needed
Andrew Byrne | 19 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: book reviews, Catholic Church, Jesuits, Pope Franis, Vatican
A recent biography of Pope Francis seems unfair and confusing.

Will your hologram replace you?
Denyse O'Leary | 19 May 2015 | CONNECTING |  
tags: bereavement, elderly, virtual reality
At home and at work?

Antibiotics for infants aren’t a good idea
Nicole M. King | 18 May 2015 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: antibiotics, infant, parenting
And how family breakdown may increase antibiotic use.

Two gay campaigners against same-sex marriage in Ireland
Michael Kirke | 18 May 2015 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: Ireland, same-sex marriage
What about the children, they ask.

A prophetic tale from the Armenian genocide
Michael Cook | 18 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: Armenian genocide, book reviews, Turkey
Franz Werfel's classic novel of heroism and tragedy.

Is workplace flexibility the answer for the family and ageing alike?
Shannon Roberts | 17 May 2015 | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY |  
tags: demography, Netherlands, parenting, retirement age, work-life balance
Being tied to a desk is unnecessary in many industries.

Driverless cars: good news for whom?
Karl D. Stephan | 15 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: engineering ethics, technology use
Operators of delivery fleets would like nothing better than to turn their personnel headaches into autonomous-vehicle maintenance accounts.

Children defend the sanctity of human life
Tim Golden | 15 May 2015 | READING MATTERS |  
tags: heroic boys, heroic girls, historical fiction
Two teens protect a child from being used as a pawn in wartime.

Demographic outlook will push French unemployment rate down
Marcus Roberts | 15 May 2015 | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY |  
tags: Baby boomers, employment, France, retirement age
Thousands of retiring baby boomers give hope for French job seekers

How the wrong kind of rights harm children
Jean Lloyd | 15 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: same-sex marriage, sexualisation of children, third party reproduction
The new sexuality rides roughshod over children's rights and welfare.

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