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A deal with the devil
Michael Cook | 11 April 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: ethics, Japan, USA, World War II
Why did American officials refuse to prosecute Japanese doctors who had committed horrendous crimes in World War II?

No, your Internet connection is not safe
Denyse O'Leary | 11 April 2014 | CONNECTING |  
tags: internet safety
The Internet is very convenient. You and I can find out what we want to know—and so can a whole bunch of other people. Here are three situations that give some idea of the scope:

Is Nigeria Africa’s hidden tiger?
Nwachukwu Egbunike | 10 April 2014 | HARAMBEE |  
tags: rebasing, nigeria, economic growth
Nigeria rebases its GDP and becomes Africa's dominant economy,a position hitherto held by South Africa.

“Is this the upshot of your experiment?”
Jill Burcham | 10 April 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: bioethics, three-parent embryos
A Nathaniel Hawthorne tale of scientific obsession sheds light on today's designer children.

Protecting the first “little platoon”
Bryce J. Christensen | 10 April 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: book reviews, conservatism, family, liberalism
Society needs family values - but not the faith they are based on? Where a liberal proposal falls down.

US defence policy in the wake of the Ukrainian affair
George Friedman | 10 April 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: Stratfor, Ukraine, US foreign policy
Rethinking American strategy in the framework of conventional war against enemies fighting on their own terrain.

What the older and wiser think you should know
Tamara El-Rahi | 09 April 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: job, work ethic, work-life balance
Most important life lesson from older people? Love your work.

Noah and the flood of reactions
Sheila Liaugminas | 08 April 2014 | SHEILA REPORTS |  
tags: Bible films, Brian Godawa, Darren Aronofsky, Hollywood atheists, Noah
Why the torrent of arguments and debates and angry comments in social media since this film came out, or even before it did?

Why schools deny that bullying causes suicide
Izzy Kalman | 08 April 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: bullying
They can't afford to take responsibility for their failed policies.

Cinema classics: Dial M for Murder
Ronan Wright | 08 April 2014 | POPCORN |  
tags: Alfred Hitchcock, cinema classics, film reviews
It's amazing what Hitchcock could do with only two sets.

Stem cell debacle déjà vu
Michael Cook | 08 April 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: Japan, research ethics, scientism, stem cells
A young Japanese scientist is at the centre of a storm about unethical research. Why?

Is it OK to be a bigot?
Zac Alstin | 08 April 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: Australia, bigotry, free speech
Australia's Attorney-General thinks so.

Nabisco: Sex discrimination is ‘wholesome’
Kelly Bartlett | 08 April 2014 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: advertising, same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting
Excluding mothers isn’t wholesome; it's halfsome.

Japan’s Shrinking Role in the World
Marcus Roberts | 08 April 2014 | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY |  
tags: ageing population, Japan, population decline
2013 saw a record annual decline in the population of Japan during peacetime.

The “weaker sex”?
Jennifer Minicus | 08 April 2014 | READING MATTERS |  
tags: family, heroic girls, historical fiction
Abbie Deal discovers the adventure hidden in ordinary life.

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