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Saturn devours his children
Zac Alstin | 21 July 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: abortion, biotechnology, research ethics
Human sacrifice for the benefit of all.

Assessing Justice Kennedy as a marriage counselor
Mark Milburn | 21 July 2015 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: Justice Anthony Kennedy, Obergefell v. Hodges, same-sex marriage
Dignity? Autonomy? He's talking about a different institution.

The best age to get married
Tamara Rajakariar | 20 July 2015 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: culture, marriage, relationships
Somewhere between 25 and 32 is looking statistically good.

Please do not kill this Mockingbird
Michael Kirke | 20 July 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: book reviews, Harper Lee
Despite its rawness, Go Set a Watchman is a literary treasure.

‘El Chapo’ jailbreak is both a Mexican and an American story
Luis Gómez Romero | 20 July 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: drug cartels, Mexico, war on drugs
Greed is the same on both sides of the Río Bravo.

Obergefell: the states’ duty to seek rehearing
Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson | 20 July 2015 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: Obergefell v. Hodges, same-sex marriage
An open letter to Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Women have not always lived longer than men
Shannon Roberts | 20 July 2015 | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY |  
tags: demography, health, life expectancy
A new study sheds light on why men now die younger.

It takes a village - or a lighthouse
Jennifer Minicus | 20 July 2015 | READING MATTERS |  
Can a school replace parents?

Math profs devastate social media “popularity”
Denyse O'Leary | 18 July 2015 | CONNECTING |  
tags: education, Internet use, social media, teens
Various studies have shown that teenagers consistently overestimate the amount of alcohol and drugs their friends consume.

‘Everything beautiful is prepared as a sacrifice’
Roger Scruton | 17 July 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: democracy, elitism, minorities
In defence of elitism.

New Horizons’ crisp images shed new light on Pluto and its moons
Scott Kenyon | 17 July 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: New Horizons, Pluto, space program
We can rejoice that we have tools capable of visiting other worlds.

What is going to happen to all those rest homes?
Marcus Roberts | 17 July 2015 | DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY |  
tags: ageing population, New Zealand, retirement
Will we be left with "ghost suburbs"?

Playing David to the Goliath of gay rights groupthink
Christopher Rosik | 17 July 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: same-sex attraction, sexual orientation change efforts
Abandoning those who want help for homosexuality is not an option.

I can’t ‘celebrate’ but it doesn’t mean I hate you
Steve C. Craig | 17 July 2015 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: conscientious objection, same-sex marriage, tolerance
Without this distinction freedom of conscience is impossible

Sexual orientation change efforts and the campaign to ban them
Christopher Rosik | 17 July 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: same-sex attraction, sexual orientation change efforts
A MercatorNet interview with California psychologist Dr Christopher Rosik.

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