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Karl D. Stephan

Karl D. Stephan received the B. S. in Engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1976. Following a year of graduate study at Cornell, he received the Master of Engineering degree in 1977 and was employed by Motorola, Inc. and Scientific-Atlanta as an RF development engineer.

He then entered the University of Texas at Austin’s graduate program and received the Ph. D. in electrical engineering in 1983. He taught at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from 1983 to 1999, when he received an NSF Science and Technology Studies Fellowship in the history of technology.

He spent the 1999-2000 academic year at the University of Texas at Austin, and in 2000 accepted a position as Associate Professor in the Department of Technology at Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas. In 2009, he was promoted to full professor and moved to the Ingram School of Engineering. He has also received an appointment as Adjunct Associate Research Professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Do you want CNN or ESPN with that burger?
15 Apr 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: civility, conversation, TV
Why can't I talk with you in a restaurant? Why do I have to talk to the TV?

Radio Shack: thanks for all the memories
14 Mar 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: education, engineering, RadioShack, technology
One of America's greatest engineering schools is fading away.

You can’t see the doctor: he’s checking boxes right now
4 Mar 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: electronic medical record, electronic records, engineering
Imposing the heavy hand of the Federal government is not the way to enforce uniform standards.

The cloudy future
4 Feb 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: cloud, internet, privacy, surveillance
The big technology companies are forcing us into the Cloud, whether we like it or not.

Don’t read over his shoulder. It’s basic cell phone etiquette
10 Dec 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: cell phones, civility, etiquette, technology
The boundary between public and private is getting fuzzy

The Obamacare website rollout: not what the doctor ordered
8 Nov 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: idealism, Obamacare, software engineering
The administration’s idealists have been defeated by the reality of engineering.

Emotional facades
21 Oct 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: climate change, science
Scientists can get carried away by emotions -- especially when they are defending the consensus on climate change.

In praise of honest work
25 Sep 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: anthropology, unemployment, work
If we believed in the honour of work, employment would take care of itself.

The wisdom of “Don’t Be Evil”
5 Aug 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: Google, morality, philosophy
Google may be a corporate behemoth nowadays, but its motto contains a deep philosophical message.

Nikola Tesla and the ethics of publicity
1 Jul 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: Nikola Tesla, public relations, technology
Even the greatest inventors can become the captives of their own dreams.

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