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Zac Alstin

Despite enjoying his four years of philosophical education, Zac Alstin emerged from the post-modern wilderness to discover with surprise and delight the actual existence of such things as truth, goodness, and reality. He now works part time in Aged Care Research, where he may, despite his philosophical education, actually contribute to the well-being of someone, somewhere. So as not to become excessively practical, he has recently pledged himself to the significant undertaking of a PhD in Philosophy of Religion.

In the meantime, he continues to draw inspiration from ancient Chinese philosophers, and look for excuses to quote them. “I am not one who was born in the possession of knowledge; I am one who is fond of antiquity, and earnest in seeking it there.” - Confucius, The Analects. VII.19”.

Zac blogs at

Islam and violence: how not to answer a question
30 Jan 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: Islam, violence
Islam and Muslims are not just one thing. It is high time to make some distinctions.

A murderous blame game
23 Jan 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: Charlie Hebdo, Islam
Did the provocative cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo "bring it upon themselves"?

Provocation is no defence for the Jihadi murderers
9 Jan 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: Charlie Hebdo, free speech, Jihadists
Don't think they will stop at stupid and vicious left-wing satirists.

New You Resolution
1 Jan 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: 2014, 2015, New Year's resolutions
What can a 17th Century French genius and an obscure Neo-Confucian discipline teach us about happiness?

Childhood 2.0 is a little buggy
5 Dec 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: internet, Internet, technology, virtual reality
Toddlers teach parents how bad their online habits are for family life.

Your money, or your life?
28 Nov 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: happiness, philosophy, wealth
Roasting my own coffee beans is just one of the pleasures of exploring natural wealth.

The awe-full truth of human dignity
13 Nov 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: dignitarian, dignity, MercatorNet
A MercatorNet contributor reflects on its unique “dignitarian” philosophy.

I can’t handle being useful
10 Nov 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: management, rhetoric, work
The language of management is often offensive, pompous, and demeaning. It's time for a spring cleaning.

‘White’ identity in a multicultural world
4 Nov 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: Australia, genocide, racism
Bizarre claims of 'white genocide' in Australia are the result of our increasingly globalised society.

An intellectual journey: dodging the culture wars, thinking for myself
30 Oct 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: conservatism, philosophy, socialism, truth
If we want to find the truth we have to resist the temptation of simply picking a side.

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