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Is it OK to be a bigot?

Zac Alstin | 08 April 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, bigotry, free speech
Australia's Attorney-General thinks so.

Bringing Laos to Hollywood: The Rocket

Ronan Wright | 24 March 2014 | POPCORN |
tags: Australia, coming of age, Laos

How we treat the vulnerable is a moral test beyond politics

Julian Burnside | 18 March 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, immigration, refugees
Australia is not an exclusive club for the comfortable and wealthy.

“Above all liberties”

David van Gend | 14 March 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, free speech
Free speech is at the heart of a self-governing society.

“One of the nicest blokes in Australia”

Greg Craven | 31 January 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, biography, British Commonwealth
Governor-General elect, Peter Cosgrove, has been groomed for the job by a life of service.

The new silence which is destroying our kids

Jeremy Sammut | 30 January 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, broken families, child abuse, divorce, single motherhood
Why are politicians and the media ignoring the cause of most child abuse: the breakdown of the traditional family?

It’s official. If Australia gets same-sex marriage, polygamy is next.

Michael Cook | 13 December 2013 | CONJUGALITY |
tags: Australia, polygamy

Woman marries Catholic bridge

Karee Santos | 13 November 2013 | CONJUGALITY |
tags: Australia, Catholic marriage, France, religious marriage

Let the people decide on gay “marriage”

David van Gend | 30 October 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, same-sex marriage, same-sex marriage referendum
All Australians deserve a vote on whether children should have both a mother and a father.

It’s time to move on. Australians do not want same-sex marriage

Lyle Shelton | 19 September 2013 | CONJUGALITY |
tags: Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

Australia needs a referendum on redefining marriage

Michael Cook | 10 September 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, Kevin Rudd, same-sex marriage, Tony Abbott
The rainbow flag sank like a stone in last weekend's election. But there's no room for complacency.

Decoding a new Prime Minister

Greg Craven | 09 September 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, Tony Abbott
Australians have elected a new leader with conservative social values. What is he really like?

Why do we bother to vote?

John Armstrong | 06 September 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, democracy, politics
As Australians queue up to cast their votes in a Federal election, it's time to pose the timeless question.

Without kids, does marriage deserve social support?

Michael Cook | 21 August 2013 | CONJUGALITY |
tags: Australia, Brian Greig

Redefining marriage in NZ: lessons for Oz

Carolyn Moynihan | 20 August 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: Australia, New Zealand, same-sex marriage
Same-sex marriage is not inevitable, no matter what its supporters say.

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