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Could we choose to dialogue?

Megan Hodder | 17 April 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, freedom
"Anti-choice", "pro-abortion" -- let's stop the name calling and talk about principles.

The modern hospital and its waste products

Rachael Wong | 27 March 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, ethics, hospitals
Aborted and miscarried babies are burnt with clinical detritus to heat hospitals, but why do we care?

Downton Abbey and abortion rights

Michael Stokes Paulsen | 25 March 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, Downton Abbey
The popular TV series provides a lesson in how people deal with a "crisis pregnancy".

British contraceptive service admits an uncomfortable truth

Louise Kirk | 24 February 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |
tags: abortion, contraception, sex education

Swedish nurse takes a stand on conscience rights

Mariola O'Brien | 19 February 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, conscience protection, Sweden
If soldiers can object to using weapons, why can't health professionals refuse to assist at abortions?

Teasing out the facts in the latest abortion report

Priscilla K. Coleman | 04 February 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, Guttmacher Institute, US
US rates have hit a 40-year low -- but not because of restrictive laws, says the Guttmacher Institute. Does that make sense?

A slow slog toward success

Andrew E. Harrod | 04 February 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, US
The persistence, inventiveness and grit of their foes is beginning to dishearten pro-abortion activists in America.

Turning a blind eye

Peter Saunders | 24 January 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, perjury, UK
Illegal abortion and perjury are frequent in Britain but the law does nothing.

Surprised by Freude

Gilbert Colon | 19 January 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, film reviews, Roe v. Wade
On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, here's a reflection on a famous child who could have been aborted.

A miracle only a mother could work

Helena Adeloju | 10 January 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |
tags: abortion, end-of-life issues

Defending human dignity and democracy in Europe

Sophia Kuby | 09 January 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, democracy, Estrela report, European Parliament
The defeat of a radical report in the European Parliament has encouraged the pro-family alliance across Europe.

ACLU tackles US Catholic bishops over abortion

James S. Cole | 17 December 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, ACLU, contraceptives, USCCB
If the ACLU is really interested in women's health, it should tackle carcinogenic contraceptives.

Tasmanian ban on abortion protests may not be constitutional

Michael Stokes | 26 November 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, Tasmania
A legal expert argues that the new law provision breaches the freedom of political communication.

Downing tools

Vincenzina Santoro | 26 November 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, Italy
Doctors who are willing to do abortions are becoming scarcer and scarcer in Italy.

Tasmania stifles abortion protest with new law

Diana Hutchinson | 22 November 2013 | FEATURES |
tags: abortion, conscientious objection, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, Tasmania
The island state has just approved a law which mandates referral and suppresses dissent.

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