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Family Structure

Troubles tend to multiply for kids in broken families

Carolyn Moynihan | 30 March 2015 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: child wellbeing, crime, family structure, mental illness, substance abuse

A society working for a rich elite?

Shannon Roberts | 23 March 2015 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: demography, family structure, fertility rates, teen pregnancy, women's rights

How Michael Brown’s death really challenges us

Carolyn Moynihan | 27 November 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: black America, family structure, Ferguson
The rage and handwringing will be for nothing if the state of the black family is not addressed.

For richer, for poorer: the difference marriage makes to family fortunes

Carolyn Moynihan | 04 November 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: family structure, marriage culture, poverty
If we care about the poor we ought to care about marriage.

American Dream merely a fantasy

Shannon Roberts | 20 June 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: American dream, family structure, social mobility

The link between family structure and poverty

Nicole M. King | 07 April 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: child poverty, education of children, family structure

The unspeakable link between family stability and prosperity

Andrea Mrozek | 02 April 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: Canada, family structure, wealth
The first step to solving a problem is recognising that one exists.

Five parenting tips from the Obama household

Tamara Rajakariar | 28 January 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: barack obama family, family structure, parenting

Fewer siblings changes personality

Shannon Roberts | 26 January 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: birth order, demography, family structure

How family structure impacts college attendance

Nicole M. King | 24 January 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: college education, family structure, socioeconomic

Without healthy families you can kiss the Great American Economy goodbye

Patrick F. Fagan | 18 April 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: Church, economics, family structure, school
Family, church, and school are the three basic people-forming institutions, and they produce the best results when they cooperate.

The EU - 20 years of Ageing and Growing

Marcus Roberts | 27 March 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: EU, family structure, population ageing, population growth
The EU has released a summary of demographic changes to its member states between 1990 and 2012. The results are not overly surprising.

Family structure and educational outcomes: first and third world contrasts

| 18 February 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: child welfare, family structure, World Family Map
shows a clear advantage to children from living in two-parent families -- but mainly in higher income countries, not low. Why the difference?

A science lesson about faith and families (cartoon)

Carolyn Moynihan | 14 February 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: family structure, religion
Social science provides ample evidence that churchgoing kids flourish. So why are some secularists crusading against religion?

Mapping the world’s family patterns

Carolyn Moynihan | 12 February 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: family structure, World Family Map
The first in a series of annual reports shows how the family is faring in different parts of the world. Find out how your own region compares.

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