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Sex Abuse

Ambushed by a kangaroo court

Austen Ivereigh | 06 February 2014 | FEATURES |
tags: Catholic Church, sex abuse, United Nations
A UN committee has roasted the Vatican over sex abuse. And abortion. And the Pill. And homosexuality. And whatever.

Ireland’s torment continues

Michael Kirke | 27 July 2011 | FEATURES |
tags: Ireland, sex abuse, Vatican
The Vatican has recalled its ambassador after a blistering attack from the prime minister.

Roman Polanski’s get out of jail free card

Jeremy Prichard | 22 July 2010 | FEATURES |
tags: crime, Hollywood, sex abuse
Should the geniuses of Hollywood be judged by a different law in view of their cultural contributions?

Message to the lynch mob: the Pope is innocent

Jack Valero | 16 April 2010 | FEATURES |
tags: Benedict XVI, media, sex abuse
Cardinal Ratzinger was the Vatican official who acted most energetically to rid the Catholic Church of sex abuse.

Should the Pope be tried for crimes against humanity?

Michael Cook | 10 April 2010 | FEATURES |
tags: Benedict XVI, Catholic Church, hypersexualized culture, sex abuse
A United Nations jurist wants to put Benedict XVI in the dock for condoning sex-abuse. The real question is, how many others should be there with him?

Moral panic flares again

Massimo Introvigne | 03 April 2010 | FEATURES |
tags: Benedict XVI, Catholic Church, moral panic, sex abuse
Is priestly paedophilia a problem? Yes, says an Italian sociologist. Is it a big problem? No.

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