Is acting a real job?

Tim Golden | 14 March 2014
Ralph seeks a career in the theatre.

Al Capone wields power from inside Alcatraz

Jennifer Minicus | 13 October 2013
Life on Alcatraz is no picnic.

Emotions, morality, sexuality: when teens are confused

Clare Cannon | 24 September 2013
Should we back off, add fuel to the fire, or hand them a road map?

Romance in teen fiction

Clare Cannon | 30 July 2013
There’s nothing quite like a good romance. But what makes a literary romance ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for teens?

Inside a male brain

Clare Cannon | 02 July 2013
Shusterman's account seems about right to me.

Books of innocence and experience

Clare Cannon | 13 June 2013
Why are so many adults reading young adult literature? It used to be the other way around.

Bright Island

Jennifer Minicus | 11 February 2013
A coming of age story for young teen girls.


Tim Golden | 12 January 2013
Luke, a gifted young musician, falls in with a local gang after his father dies.

Alchemy and Meggy Swann

Margaret Hannon | 25 October 2012
An enthusiastic thumbs up

The Midwife’s Apprentice

Margaret Hannon | 25 September 2012
I like to think that a Newbery award winning book is a sure bet.

City Boy

Jennifer Minicus | 10 September 2012
Anyone who has ever experienced puppy love should read this Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

Ruby Holler

Tim Golden | 23 August 2012
A gentle story about a pair of fiercely united twins.

The Yearling

Jennifer Minicus | 20 April 2012
I have a weakness for coming of age stories.

Book Reviews

Video Review: 5 Novels for Teens that Build Character

Clare Cannon | 18 March 2012
Need a book to inspire your teen to be a better person? Try these.

13 Gifts (Birthdays #3)

Clare Cannon | 11 March 2012
The tweens become teens in the next instalment of this great series for girls.


Clare Cannon | 09 January 2012
For young adolescents who need a good laugh.

The Luck of the Buttons

Jennifer Minicus | 05 November 2011
Tugs Button proves that middle school girls can be sweet.

A Little Love Song

Tim Golden | 01 November 2011
Rose and Diana are left chaperoned after their aunt is taken ill.

A Day No Pigs Would Die

Jennifer Minicus | 07 October 2011
Why is it that in the 1970's this sort of book always seemed to win awards?

Kit’s Wilderness

Tim Golden | 07 September 2011
Death is treated as a game in this young adult novel.

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