Britain bans use of technology

Tim Golden | 11 April 2014
Will they survive?

Beloved series rereleased

Jane Fagan | 25 March 2014
Flat Stanley turns 50.

Alien spaceship lands in Utah

Jennifer Minicus | 03 March 2014
Captain Marion comes to Earth armed with a code of conduct.

Rush Limbaugh’s book for kids sells 200,000 in first week

Jennifer Minicus | 28 January 2014
But is his version of early American history worth the hype?

How big is your treehouse?

Jane Fagan | 14 January 2014
Creativity trumps TV

An anticipated sequel is released

Jennifer Minicus | 26 November 2013
Kitto's disability does not prevent him from becoming a hero.

Engaging characters bring this story to life

Tim Golden | 15 November 2013
Three youngsters help each other in their overlapping problems.

What is your favorite book from the twentieth century?

Jane Fagan | 27 October 2013
Margaret Mahy recommended one by Eden Phillpott.

Djinni, magic and revenge

Tim Golden | 11 July 2013
A witty and well-paced fantasy adventure.

Not quite Harry

Clare Cannon | 09 July 2013
I had thought this series might have the broad appeal of the Potter books...

A Medieval Trilogy

Jennifer Minicus | 05 July 2013
An unpredictable plot and endearing protagonist make this trilogy an engaging "must read".

Summer Book Buzz

Kathleen Pacious | 21 June 2013
One book that has people talking this summer.

Books of innocence and experience

Clare Cannon | 13 June 2013
Why are so many adults reading young adult literature? It used to be the other way around.

A Modern Epic Poem

Tim Golden | 07 May 2013
A story of one man's redemption.

In Defence of Fantasy

Clare Cannon | 26 April 2013
Many people tell me they don't have time for fantasy. They prefer to keep their mind in the 'real world'.

The Adventures of Richard Hannay

Tim Golden | 16 April 2013
A quintessential spy story.

The Thief Lord

Tim Golden | 18 March 2013
A story about a group of children and how they survive in Venice.

Book Reviews

Need a Laugh?

Clare Cannon | 11 March 2013
This is the funniest, cleverest, most entertaining story I've read in ages. Keep the tissues handy, because it will have you crying with laughter.

Time Stops For No Mouse

Tim Golden | 15 February 2013
Hermux is a watchmaker living a quiet existence.

Navigating Early

Jennifer Minicus | 02 February 2013
A story of friendship, forgiveness and adventure.

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