It’s a dog’s life

Tim Golden | 18 April 2014
A curious mixture of fantasy and human reality.

Books make bedtime easier

Jennifer Minicus | 15 April 2014
Another of Jerry Pinkney's delightful picture books.

Happy as a pig in mud

Jane Fagan | 04 April 2014
Anyone who has owned a pig knows this amusing animal lends itself to a story or two.

Rush Limbaugh’s book for kids sells 200,000 in first week

Jennifer Minicus | 28 January 2014
But is his version of early American history worth the hype?

A mother’s love; a father’s sacrifice

Jennifer Minicus | 18 January 2014
Two million copies sold so far.

How big is your treehouse?

Jane Fagan | 14 January 2014
Creativity trumps TV

Squirrel caught in vacuum survives

Jennifer Minicus | 05 January 2014
Newbery winner Kate DiCamillo reveals a lighter side.

Mystery anyone?

Jane Fagan | 28 October 2013
Number one in a great new series.

A story that tugs at the heart

Jane Fagan | 03 October 2013
A classic read-aloud for younger children.

Animals entertain readers of all ages

Jane Fagan | 13 September 2013
Charming true-life stories from the prize-winning British author of "Babe"

Bob Dylan turns book writer

Jennifer Minicus | 16 August 2013
A captivating combination of music and text.

A picture book “must have”

Jane Fagan | 08 August 2013
A bestseller for bird lovers and an intensely moving story of children's love for their mother.

Not all books should be read sitting down

Emily Castilla | 19 July 2013
Can a young child learn to exercise?

A Treasured Classic Revisited

Tim Golden | 16 June 2013
A fitting conclusion to the trials of Mister Toad.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand…Songs?

Emily Castilla | 14 May 2013
A delightful new character has entered the world of picture books.

Time Stops For No Mouse

Tim Golden | 15 February 2013
Hermux is a watchmaker living a quiet existence.

The 2013 Newbery Medal Winner

Clare Cannon | 30 January 2013
As a warm-hearted animal adventure, Katherine Applegate's "The One and Only Ivan" is a worthy tale. But it doesn't stop there.

Fun for Animal Lovers

Emily Castilla | 15 November 2012
For children who love animals, these picture books are a fun read.

Malcolm at Midnight

Jennifer Minicus | 05 November 2012
Everyone thinks Malcolm the rat is a mouse.

The Many Troubles of Andy Russell

Emily Castilla | 29 October 2012
Andy Russell has lost a number of his pet gerbils.

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