Why do boys love trucks so much?

Jane Fagan | 24 January 2014
A bestselling picture book for nearly three years.

Inside a male brain

Clare Cannon | 02 July 2013
Shusterman's account seems about right to me.

The Gift of Disability

Clare Cannon | 31 May 2013
If only we could see, as this author does, with the eyes of the heart.

One for the boys

Clare Cannon | 24 May 2013
Friendship, growing up, danger, peer pressure, Shakespeare, humour, remorse… and the meaning of life.

Add this author to my list of favorites!

Jennifer Minicus | 20 May 2013
A charming story filled with believable characters and reverence for family relationships.

This Author Should Be Compulsory Reading

Clare Cannon | 28 March 2013
Not just this one, but all of Spinelli's entertaining books should be compulsory character-development reading.

The Silver Nutmeg

Jennifer Minicus | 15 March 2013
Some books beg to be read aloud.

Navigating Early

Jennifer Minicus | 02 February 2013
A story of friendship, forgiveness and adventure.

Airborn Series

Tim Golden | 31 October 2012
An enjoyable adventure

The Many Troubles of Andy Russell

Emily Castilla | 29 October 2012
Andy Russell has lost a number of his pet gerbils.


Jennifer Minicus | 16 October 2012
An amusing yet touching memoir of life in Wisconsin during WWI.

City Boy

Jennifer Minicus | 10 September 2012
Anyone who has ever experienced puppy love should read this Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

The Saxby Smart Series

Jennifer Minicus | 07 September 2012
Saxby Smart is a child detective.

Book Reviews

The Secret Garden

Tim Golden | 04 September 2012
A timeless classic

Beginning Readers

Jennifer Minicus | 26 August 2012
Parents of avid young readers often ask me for new titles of basic chapter books.

The Biggest Bear

Margaret Hannon | 05 July 2012
A tale of love and duty with a surprise ending.

Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms

Jennifer Minicus | 12 June 2012
Stuart anticipates a boring summer, but is in for a big surprise.

Gone Away Lake

Jennifer Minicus | 02 June 2012
A delightfully innocent story.

On the Wings of Heroes

Margaret Hannon | 15 May 2012
Davy Bowman is the luckiest of boys.

Operation Red Jericho

Tim Golden | 07 May 2012
This book presents the start of an adventure for a brother and sister in their teens.

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