Fairy Tales

Was Snow White’s Evil Stepmother a Victim of Circumstance?

Jennifer Minicus | 27 May 2013
Have you ever wondered what is meant by, "They lived happily ever after?"

A “Must Have” for Every Child’s Personal Library

Jennifer Minicus | 29 April 2013
An absolutely charming collection of stories from the woman who wrote the lyrics to "Morning Has Broken."

Book Reviews

Need a Laugh?

Clare Cannon | 11 March 2013
This is the funniest, cleverest, most entertaining story I've read in ages. Keep the tissues handy, because it will have you crying with laughter.

Beyond This Point There Be Dragons

Jennifer Minicus | 03 March 2013
A tongue-in-cheek fairy tale.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Jennifer Minicus | 07 January 2013
An engaging story about true happiness.

Spindle’s End

Tim Golden | 20 December 2012
A modern retelling of an old fairy tale for young adults.

Wisdom’s Kiss: a book for brave readers

Clare Cannon | 30 August 2011
I love Catherine Gilbert Murdock's writing because it is intelligent, highly unconventional and always makes me laugh.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Jennifer Minicus | 01 July 2011
Edward the rabbit travels far and wide to find his heart in this modern classic.

Noah Barleywater Runs Away

Maryana Garcia | 27 April 2011
John Boyne's new fairy tale has the marks of a true classic.

Lost Books and Small Miracles

Jennifer Minicus | 10 February 2011
Have you ever wondered why some books are no longer in print?

Book Reviews

Fairy Tales: The Foundation of Education

Jennifer Minicus | 03 November 2010
Old stories provide a basis for character education.

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Jennifer Minicus | 06 September 2010
This original version of a well-known story is a worthwhile read for children of all ages.
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