The “weaker sex”?

Jennifer Minicus | 08 April 2014
Abbie Deal discovers the adventure hidden in ordinary life.

Science fair projects stump students

Jennifer Minicus | 21 March 2014
Anna and her friends find a practical use for their research.

Is acting a real job?

Tim Golden | 14 March 2014
Ralph seeks a career in the theatre.

When should a child be told he is adopted?

Jennifer Minicus | 25 February 2014
Separated at birth, Jack and Jake have a bone to pick with their parents.

Royal family disappears

Jennifer Minicus | 01 February 2014
Only a magical castle can find them.

Overscheduled children and overtired parents

Jane Fagan | 25 January 2014
A picture book that highlights family time.

A mother’s love; a father’s sacrifice

Jennifer Minicus | 18 January 2014
Two million copies sold so far.

Squirrel caught in vacuum survives

Jennifer Minicus | 05 January 2014
Newbery winner Kate DiCamillo reveals a lighter side.

Family feud

Tim Golden | 04 January 2014
Copper has never met her family.

Is a car more than the sum of its parts?

Tim Golden | 05 November 2013
A 21st century makeover for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Al Capone wields power from inside Alcatraz

Jennifer Minicus | 13 October 2013
Life on Alcatraz is no picnic.

War pits brother against brother

Jennifer Minicus | 22 August 2013
An award winning book about the American Civil War.

The Gift of Disability

Clare Cannon | 31 May 2013
If only we could see, as this author does, with the eyes of the heart.

Was Snow White’s Evil Stepmother a Victim of Circumstance?

Jennifer Minicus | 27 May 2013
Have you ever wondered what is meant by, "They lived happily ever after?"

Add this author to my list of favorites!

Jennifer Minicus | 20 May 2013
A charming story filled with believable characters and reverence for family relationships.

Book Reviews

A Book That Has It All

Clare Cannon | 19 March 2013
Historical Fiction, Friendship, Romance, Family, Music, Art, Culture...

The Swallows and the Amazons Series

Tim Golden | 07 March 2013
Three families of children enjoy themselves outdoors.

My childhood correspondence with Laura Ingalls Wilder

Olga Marlin | 23 February 2013
Writing about Laura Ingalls Wilder is, for me, like writing about an intimate friend.

Navigating Early

Jennifer Minicus | 02 February 2013
A story of friendship, forgiveness and adventure.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Jennifer Minicus | 07 January 2013
An engaging story about true happiness.

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