Family feud

Tim Golden | 04 January 2014
Copper has never met her family.

A story that touched millions

Jane Fagan | 31 December 2013
Not your typical inspirational story.

Book Reviews

Reverse discrimination evident in children’s book

Jane Fagan | 21 November 2013
A terrible mixture of animals and feminism.

Beholding Bee

Jennifer Minicus | 18 April 2013
Being an orphan is never easy.

This Author Should Be Compulsory Reading

Clare Cannon | 28 March 2013
Not just this one, but all of Spinelli's entertaining books should be compulsory character-development reading.

Book Reviews

A Book That Has It All

Clare Cannon | 19 March 2013
Historical Fiction, Friendship, Romance, Family, Music, Art, Culture...

The Silver Nutmeg

Jennifer Minicus | 15 March 2013
Some books beg to be read aloud.

Cam Jansen Mysteries

Emily Castilla | 26 February 2013
Three titles from a mystery series for beginner readers.

Bright Island

Jennifer Minicus | 11 February 2013
A coming of age story for young teen girls.

Alchemy and Meggy Swann

Margaret Hannon | 25 October 2012
An enthusiastic thumbs up

Thimble Summer

Jennifer Minicus | 03 October 2012
Garnet Linden loves life on a Wisconsin farm.

The Midwife’s Apprentice

Margaret Hannon | 25 September 2012
I like to think that a Newbery award winning book is a sure bet.


Jennifer Minicus | 18 September 2012
Everyone knows the key to a great pie is the crust.

Book Reviews

The Secret Garden

Tim Golden | 04 September 2012
A timeless classic

Beginning Readers

Jennifer Minicus | 26 August 2012
Parents of avid young readers often ask me for new titles of basic chapter books.

The 100 Cupboards Series

Jennifer Minicus | 15 July 2012
I do not usually enjoy creepy stories, but

The Maid of Fairbourne Hall

Clare Cannon | 10 July 2012
A new Regency Romance for young adults.

A Hero for WondLa

Jennifer Minicus | 03 July 2012
Mother Earth rescues Eva Nine in her next adventure.

Gone Away Lake

Jennifer Minicus | 02 June 2012
A delightfully innocent story.

Caddy’s World

Tim Golden | 29 May 2012
An amusing family story.

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