Heroic Boys

Best seller presents heavy topics with optimism

Jane Fagan | 28 February 2014
Author with Guinness World Record for highest number of consecutive best-selling adult novels writes worthwhile children's book.

An anticipated sequel is released

Jennifer Minicus | 26 November 2013
Kitto's disability does not prevent him from becoming a hero.

War pits brother against brother

Jennifer Minicus | 22 August 2013
An award winning book about the American Civil War.

A Medieval Trilogy

Jennifer Minicus | 05 July 2013
An unpredictable plot and endearing protagonist make this trilogy an engaging "must read".

The Gift of Disability

Clare Cannon | 31 May 2013
If only we could see, as this author does, with the eyes of the heart.

In Defence of Fantasy

Clare Cannon | 26 April 2013
Many people tell me they don't have time for fantasy. They prefer to keep their mind in the 'real world'.

The Brotherband Chronicles

Tim Golden | 25 January 2013
Hal is the classic underdog-come-good.

The Trumpeter of Krakow

Jennifer Minicus | 17 November 2012
Everyone admires a young, courageous hero.

The 100 Cupboards Series

Jennifer Minicus | 15 July 2012
I do not usually enjoy creepy stories, but

Adam of the Road

Margaret Hannon | 13 July 2012
Life in thirteenth century England comes alive in this Newbery Medal winner.

Book Reviews

Video Review: Holiday Reading for Teens and Young Adults

Clare Cannon | 29 June 2012
Entertaining summer (or winter) reading for the holidays.

Peter Raven: Under Fire

Tim Golden | 26 June 2012
There's action, there's romance, there's an insanely villainous count.

The Winged Watchman

Margaret Hannon | 16 June 2012
A story of patriotism, faith and family.

The Door in the Wall

Jennifer Minicus | 24 May 2012
This classic Newbery winner teaches some important lessons.

Stone Fox

Jennifer Minicus | 17 May 2012
Ten-year-old Willy is determined to care for his ailing grandfather.

The Golden Goblet

Jennifer Minicus | 06 May 2012
Eloise McGraw brings to life the days of Ancient Egypt.

Book Reviews

The Little Refugee

Clare Cannon | 19 February 2012
Anh's true story is an outstanding one to share with young readers.

Small Acts of Amazing Courage

Clare Cannon | 02 January 2012
One of those little books that is well worth reading.

Artemis Fowl Series

Maryana Garcia | 29 December 2011
Artemis Fowl is a genius...a criminal genius.

Heart of a Samurai

Jennifer Minicus | 28 October 2011
A Newberry Honor book based on a true story.

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