Historical Fiction

The “weaker sex”?

Jennifer Minicus | 08 April 2014
Abbie Deal discovers the adventure hidden in ordinary life.

Unwanted children sold as slaves

Tim Golden | 18 February 2014
The plight of illegitimate children in 17th-century England was bleak.

Rush Limbaugh’s book for kids sells 200,000 in first week

Jennifer Minicus | 28 January 2014
But is his version of early American history worth the hype?

Is there truth behind this legend?

Jennifer Minicus | 10 January 2014
A possible origin of the Hungarian people.

Deathbed confession leads to mystery

Tim Golden | 20 December 2013
Brother Cadfael is on the case.

Should young ladies know how to swim?

Jennifer Minicus | 09 December 2013
A must read for young women hoping to marry someday.

Book Reviews

A message of goodwill and bonding

Jane Fagan | 06 December 2013
The Australian outback floods.

Cultures clash in the Middle East

Jennifer Minicus | 25 November 2013
A suspenseful story of ancient civilizations.

Book Reviews

Abel Tasman sails the high seas

Jane Fagan | 11 November 2013
A great contribution to historical fiction for confident, independent readers.

Al Capone wields power from inside Alcatraz

Jennifer Minicus | 13 October 2013
Life on Alcatraz is no picnic.

A fountain in the desert

Clare Cannon | 08 October 2013
An engaging and cultured story for young teens that actually makes them think.

Historical fiction makes learning entertaining

Tim Golden | 20 September 2013
Six historical novels for children.

War pits brother against brother

Jennifer Minicus | 22 August 2013
An award winning book about the American Civil War.

A book that builds character

Kathleen Pacious | 21 July 2013
A well-told, gentle and beautiful story that traces growth to maturity.

A Medieval Trilogy

Jennifer Minicus | 05 July 2013
An unpredictable plot and endearing protagonist make this trilogy an engaging "must read".

Books of innocence and experience

Clare Cannon | 13 June 2013
Why are so many adults reading young adult literature? It used to be the other way around.

Hope lends beauty to even the bleakest tale

Clare Cannon | 10 May 2013
This remarkable story teaches history, humanity and hope. Why did I avoid it for so long?!

A Modern Epic Poem

Tim Golden | 07 May 2013
A story of one man's redemption.

Historical Fiction for Teens

Clare Cannon | 09 April 2013
A series that puts heart into history.


Jennifer Minicus | 08 April 2013
A story from the Civil War.

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