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How much do you value books?

Jane Fagan | 21 February 2014
An award-winning author; a "rising star" illustrator

A story that needs to be told

Jane Fagan | 07 February 2014
A rare account of a boy on Schindler's List.

War pits brother against brother

Jennifer Minicus | 22 August 2013
An award winning book about the American Civil War.

Historical Fiction for Teens

Clare Cannon | 09 April 2013
A series that puts heart into history.

The Winged Watchman

Margaret Hannon | 16 June 2012
A story of patriotism, faith and family.

The Four Adventures of Richard Hannay

Tim Golden | 26 April 2012
To trap a brilliant German, Richard Hannay has to pose as a pacifist.

Shooting Kabul

Jennifer Minicus | 16 April 2012
A wonderful story about family loyalty.

Moon Over Manifest

Jennifer Minicus | 06 May 2011
This Newbery winner has all the makings of a modern classic.

For teens, for mothers, for grandmothers: A Rose for the ANZAC Boys

Clare Cannon | 15 January 2011
This is one of the most moving historical novels I've found.

Dear Olly

Tim Golden | 18 October 2010
Intelligent and talented 18 year old Matt travels to Africa to help war-injured children, leaving his widowed mother and younger sister Olly behind. They, in turn, wait for his letters.
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