February Archive

A peek behind Belgium’s euthanasia curtain

Michael Cook | 08 February 2016
More than five years after their sister died, two women go public.

When do we get our euthanasia app?

Peter Stockland | 04 February 2016
Mercy killing has become normalized, even banal, in Canada.

January Archive

Should people be denied choices at the end of life?

Paul Russell | 29 January 2016
Choice, safeguards, and a loaded question.

Archbishop forces showdown over Belgian euthanasia law

Paul Russell | 03 January 2016
New prelate says that euthanasia may not take place in Catholic nursing homes.

December Archive

Making suicide easier – and no one takes notice

Paul Russell | 17 December 2015
Why aren't suicide prevention agencies denouncing Philip Nitschke?

Belgian MP calls for a review of the euthanasia law

Paul Russell | 14 December 2015
Safeguards are meaningless, she claims.

Belgian doctors call for end to euthanasia for mental suffering

Ariane Bazan , Willem Lemmens and Gertrudis Van de Vijver | 10 December 2015
In an open letter 65 philosophers, psychiatrists and psychologists lament "death as therapy".

The case of the vanished euthanasia files

Ian Dowbiggin | 07 December 2015
Precious American documents have disappeared, perhaps for ever.

November Archive

Nitschke tells medical board to go to blazes

Michael Cook | 30 November 2015
Burns practicing certificate and announces plans for a right-to-die campaign

The underground Dutch system for do-it-yourself euthanasia

Michael Cook | 30 November 2015
Right-to-die groups are illegally promoting a "peaceful pill"

A bureaucracy of medical deception

Sean Murphy | 23 November 2015
Quebec physicians told to falsify euthanasia death certificates

Reality TV for toffs: The Economist and euthanasia

Michael Cook | 17 November 2015
Journalists need guidelines for covering euthanasia.

Don’t manipulate Australia’s euthanasia debate

George L. Mendz | 10 November 2015
This week's Q&A allowed euthanasia campaigner Andrew Denton to dominate the discussion.

Surely you’re joking, Mr Denton

Tom Mortier | 04 November 2015
An Australian media personality ignores the facts about euthanasia

Doctor still knows best

Michael Cook | 04 November 2015
An expert on Belgian euthanasia evades difficult questions.

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A peek behind Belgium’s euthanasia curtain
8 Feb 2016
When do we get our euthanasia app?
4 Feb 2016
Should people be denied choices at the end of life?
29 Jan 2016
Archbishop forces showdown over Belgian euthanasia law
3 Jan 2016
Making suicide easier – and no one takes notice
17 Dec 2015

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