October Archive

Go west, old man! Go west!

Michael Cook | 06 October 2015
Now that California has legalised assisted suicide, it is available up and down the entire West Coast

September Archive

Is the Netherlands moving toward euthanasia-on-demand?

Michael Cook | 28 September 2015
A Dutch doctor who refuses could find himself in hot water.

Governor Brown, do not sign the death warrant of unhappy people

Nancy Valko | 25 September 2015
My daughter was the victim of assisted suicide advocates.

“Unbearable suffering” questioned in documentary on Belgian euthanasia

Michael Cook | 21 September 2015
85-year-old woman euthanised for grief before the camera.

Fate of assisted suicide in California hinges on Governor

Michael Cook | 19 September 2015
The idiosyncratic Jerry Brown is mulling over whether or not to veto a bill.

“A vote for life and dignity, not for death”

Philippa Whitford | 12 September 2015
The speech by a Scottish MP which changed minds and hearts about assisted suicide.

Assisted dying sinks in UK Parliament by 3-1 margin

Michael Cook | 12 September 2015
Brilliant speeches in passionate debate

The Lancet stumbles over assisted dying

Michael Cook | 07 September 2015
Editor's attack based on anti-Christian prejudice.

August Archive

The great debate

Paul Russell | 18 August 2015
The world's foremost utilitarian philosopher debated euthanasia with the Catholic archbishop of Sydney.

Reviving the slippery slope

Michael Cook | 17 August 2015
A leading American bioethicist admits that he is worried by euthanasia in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Court tussle over right to euthanase Dutch woman with dementia

Michael Cook | 11 August 2015
The first time that an institution has refused to allow a patient to be given a lethal injection.

Comedy is deadly serious for Philip Nitschke

Paul Russell | 04 August 2015
His new career as a stand-up comic is faltering.

At last, someone with a plan for the silver tsunami!

Michael Cook | 03 August 2015
Outspoken media personality Katie Hopkins wants euthanasia vans for Britons.

July Archive

All lives are worth saving

Paul Russell | 16 July 2015
Suicide prevention must include preventing all suicides.

Sponsors withdraw California suicide bill - for now

Carolyn Moynihan | 13 July 2015
Some of their own Democrat colleagues don't support it.

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Go west, old man! Go west!
6 Oct 2015
Is the Netherlands moving toward euthanasia-on-demand?
28 Sep 2015
Governor Brown, do not sign the death warrant of unhappy people
25 Sep 2015
“Unbearable suffering” questioned in documentary on Belgian euthanasia
21 Sep 2015
Fate of assisted suicide in California hinges on Governor
19 Sep 2015

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