Australian health minister does not support euthanasia
Paul Russell | Apr 1 2016 | comment  
Health reforms include improvements in palliative care.

Nitschke tells medical board to go to blazes
Michael Cook | Nov 30 2015 | comment  
Burns practicing certificate and announces plans for a right-to-die campaign

Don’t manipulate Australia’s euthanasia debate
George L. Mendz | Nov 10 2015 | comment  
This week's Q&A allowed euthanasia campaigner Andrew Denton to dominate the discussion.

Australia’s ‘Dr Death’ forced to stop promoting suicide
Michael Cook | Oct 28 2015 | comment  
Severe conditions placed on Philip Nitschke's registration

Australian euthanasia doctor battles deregistration
Paul Russell | Nov 14 2014 | comment  
Philip Nitschke is making a stand on the validity of rational suicide.

A man who disdains euphemisms
Paul Russell | Jul 8 2014 | comment  
Philip Nitschke is forcing Australians to see how serious assisted suicide is.

Nitschke and Exit must answer questions
Paul Russell | Sep 5 2012 | comment  
The roll out of Exit International and Dr Philip Nitschke’s latest project, the provision of kits that include a nitrogen cylinder to bring about death by suffocation, should ring alarm bells with the Australian public and regulatory authorities.

Does Queensland have another “Doctor Death”?
Michael Cook | Jul 15 2012 | comment  
After the international publicity given to "Doctor Death", Jayant Patel, a surgeon who was jailed for seven years for manslaughter and grievous bodily harm, the last thing the Australian state of Queensland needs is bad publicity about bad doctors. However, the state government is investigating reports that a hospital doctor was responsible for several deaths.

A palliative care physician says euthanasia is not needed
Michael Cook | Apr 4 2012 | comment  
Here's an excellent little debate between a doctor who supports legalised euthanasia in Australia and one who opposes it. Well worth a look. Hat tip to Paul Russell, of HOPE.

Australian “ambassadors” for euthanasia
Michael Cook | Dec 9 2011 | comment  
Your Last Right, an Australian euthanasia lobby group, has collected an impressive list of more than 100 “ambassadors” for “ the legal right to request and obtain medical assistance to end their lives with dignity”. It contains some familiar names – Philip Adams, Bob Brown, Leslie Cannold, Peter Singer, for instance. But there are some surprises, at least for me: footie legend Ron Barassi, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, “social identity” Lady Susan Renouf, and Major General Alan Stretton. Here is the full list for those who are interested.

Bishop grilled over right to die
Michael Cook | Dec 8 2011 | comment  
One of the smartest spokesmen for a Catholic stand on bioethics is Australian Bishop Anthony Fisher. Here he is interviewed by the ABC program 7.30 NSW. There are no softball questions and he hits most of them out of the park. (An analogy for American readers.)

Don’t pull down the fence!
Paul Russell | May 17 2011 | comment  
On May 17 I was invited by the Sydney University Union to speak at a ‘Q & A style’ debate on the issue of euthanasia & assisted suicide. With me on the ‘no’ side was Dr. Andrew Pesce, President of the Australian Medical Association who spoke exceptionally well about why the AMA does not support euthanasia & assisted suicide. On the ‘yes’ side were Dr Philip Nitschke and NSW Greens MLC, Cate Faehrmann. Following is my text:

We we should not decriminalise assisted suicide
Paul Russell | May 4 2011 | comment  
Recent news in respect to court proceedings against Mr. David Scott Mathers for the assisted suicide of his partner, Eva Griffith in July 2009, deserve scrutiny; as do comments from Dr. Nitschke and from Michael Duffy in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Should YouTube post suicide videos?
Peter Saunders | May 4 2011 | comment  
A video from a British couple influenced by Dr Philip Nitschke, the euthanasia activist, has been posted on YouTube posthumously explaining their intentions. It should be taken down.

Six countries, six defeats
Peter Saunders | Feb 8 2011 | comment  
The pace of rejection of euthanasia is exceeded only by the frenetic rate at which its supporters are desperately bringing forward new bills.

“Why do they keep children with these disabilities alive?”
Michael Cook | Jan 21 2011 | comment  
Is the tragic drowning of a disabled toddler in Sydney an indirect consequence of publicity given to the merits of legalised euthanasia?

Advertising Standards Bureau – Exit common sense
Paul Russell | Dec 13 2010 | comment  
On the 26th of November, the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) dismissed complaints against Exit International’s billboard advertising campaign that ran in Sydney. The billboard, white writing on purple background, displayed the text: 85% of Australians Support Voluntary Euthanasia. Our Government Doesn’t! Make them Listen.

Australian suicide pact dilemma
Jared Yee | Nov 12 2010 | comment  
Here's a modern moral dilemma for you. You pay a visit to your aged parents and find them unconscious. You ring the ambulance. But then you find a note explaining that it was a suicide pact – what do you do then?
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