Ever-expanding boundaries of Belgian euthanasia
Michael Cook | May 17 2016 | comment  
What began as a merciful death for the terminally ill can be an opt-out for troubled teens

“Protect doctors’ conscience rights!” Belgium’s advice to Canada
Michael Cook | May 16 2016 | comment  
Three doctors speak out

Belgium to Canada: Hello? Hello? Don’t do it!
Michael Cook | May 13 2016 | comment  
First in a series of videos about euthanasia in Belgium

Everybody’s a winner when euthanasia combines with organ donation, say doctors
Michael Cook | Apr 5 2016 | comment  
"Ghoulish" proposal in the Journal of Medical Ethics criticised by British politicians

That euthanasia stuff… does anyone remember what we decided?
Michael Cook | Apr 4 2016 | comment  
Belgium legislators forgot to publish an amendment

Crushing resistance, one clause at a time
Paul Russell | Mar 7 2016 | comment  
Proposed amendments to Belgium's euthanasia law are designed to do away with conscientious objection

A peek behind Belgium’s euthanasia curtain
Michael Cook | Feb 8 2016 | comment  
More than five years after their sister died, two women go public.

Should people be denied choices at the end of life?
Paul Russell | Jan 29 2016 | comment  
Choice, safeguards, and a loaded question.

Archbishop forces showdown over Belgian euthanasia law
Paul Russell | Jan 3 2016 | comment  
New prelate says that euthanasia may not take place in Catholic nursing homes.

Belgian MP calls for a review of the euthanasia law
Paul Russell | Dec 14 2015 | comment  
Safeguards are meaningless, she claims.

Belgian doctors call for end to euthanasia for mental suffering
In an open letter 65 philosophers, psychiatrists and psychologists lament "death as therapy".

Surely you’re joking, Mr Denton
Tom Mortier | Nov 4 2015 | comment  
An Australian media personality ignores the facts about euthanasia

Doctor still knows best
Michael Cook | Nov 4 2015 | comment  
An expert on Belgian euthanasia evades difficult questions.

“Unbearable suffering” questioned in documentary on Belgian euthanasia
Michael Cook | Sep 21 2015 | comment  
85-year-old woman euthanised for grief before the camera.

Reviving the slippery slope
Michael Cook | Aug 17 2015 | comment  
A leading American bioethicist admits that he is worried by euthanasia in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Belgium’s euthanasia establishment hisses back
Paul Russell | Jun 30 2015 | comment  
When Tom Mortier complained about his mother's death, he learned how entrenched euthanasia is.

The Economist backs Belgian model of euthanasia
Michael Cook | Jun 29 2015 | comment  
A new editor takes a familiar line: autonomy solves everything.

Life? I’m not really that into it any more
Michael Cook | Jun 23 2015 | comment  
Healthy 24-year-old Belgian woman asks for euthanasia.

This man will die from a lethal injection where they do it best. In Belgium
Michael Cook | Sep 22 2014 | comment  
A prisoner is escaping life in jail by requesting euthanasia.

Belgium’s euthanasia law challenged
Michael Cook | Sep 4 2014 | comment  
Son of euthanased patient alleges conflict of interest.

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