This man will die from a lethal injection where they do it best. In Belgium

Michael Cook | 22 September 2014
A prisoner is escaping life in jail by requesting euthanasia.

Belgium’s euthanasia law challenged

Michael Cook | 04 September 2014
Son of euthanased patient alleges conflict of interest.

Deacon arrested over Belgian euthanasia deaths

Paul Russell | 06 June 2014
Breaking news from a number of sources says that Belgian police have charged a 57-year-old man with 10 cases of illegal euthanasia.

Why would a euthanasia practitioner tour Auschwitz?

Kevin Fitzpatrick and Tom Mortier | 15 May 2014
Belgium's foremost booster and chair of the national regulator has organised a tour.

Belgium: accelerating down the slippery slope

Michael Cook | 13 April 2014
Involuntary euthanasia of patients in intensive care has become acceptable medical treatment in Belgium.

Does silence before Belgium’s new euthanasia law mean consent?

Paul Russell | 20 February 2014
What have the dying-with-dignity crowd said about euthanasia for kids? Almost nothing.

Belgium extends euthanasia to children

Paul Russell | 15 February 2014
Sick children can now ask for lethal injections.

Belgium and the majesty of the law

Michael Cook | 05 January 2014
What accounts for the wall of incomprehension about euthanasia in Belgium?

Belgian kids get the ultimate Christmas present

Michael Cook | 13 December 2013
The Belgian Senate has just approved euthanasia for children.

Euthanasia for children is wrong

Charles Foster | 08 November 2013
A British barrister gives four cogent reasons why Belgium should not legalise it for kids.

The inexorable bracket creep of euthanasia in Belgium

Michael Cook | 16 October 2013
Tasmania's Parliament needs to examine what happened after euthanasia was legalised in Belgium.

Let’s give intellectually disabled the right to euthanasia, say Belgian humanists

Michael Cook | 27 April 2012
People with intellectual disabilities, all children and people with dementia should be able to request euthanasia, the Belgian Liberal Humanist Association (HVV) has declared.

Is the slippery slope at work in Belgium?

Michael Cook | 11 December 2011
The “slippery slope” is often derided as a logical fallacy. But when one of the leading advocacy groups for euthanasia in Belgium posts an article entitled “Euthanasie: tijd voor de volgende stap, Euthanasia, time for the next step”, it’s hard not to think that it may not be so illogical after all.

Belgian doctors are using organs from euthanased patients

Michael Cook | 13 June 2011
Using organs from euthanased patients seem to have become a well established procedure in Belgium, only nine years after it was legalized. A press release from a team at a hospital in Leuven announced last week that it had successfully transplanted lungs from four euthanased patients between 2007 and 2009.

Euthanasia makes it easier to have a customised funeral

Michael Cook | 31 March 2011
If you are up for some spine-chilling excitement, take a look at this video clip from Flanders News, in Belgium.

Belgian doctors harvest high quality organs from euthanased patients

Michael Cook | 25 January 2011
A group of Belgian doctors are harvesting “high quality” organs from patients who have been euthanased. This is not a secret project, but one which they described openly at a conference organised by the Belgian Royal Medical Academy in December.

Dignitas inspires prize-winning Belgian comedy

Michael Cook | 11 November 2010
A Belgian black comedy about assisted suicide has taken away the top prize at the Rome Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter predicts that Please Kill Me will become a “cult hit” on the art house circuit.

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