Tasmanian euthanasia bill defeated, 13-11

Paul Russell | 20 October 2013

But there is no room for complacency.

Tasmania’s push for euthanasia comes under fire

Paul Russell | 08 October 2013

A thoroughly researched report by two academics shoots down the claims of the state’s Premier.

Paternalism in the Apple Isle

Paul Russell | 09 February 2013

Anyone who follows Australian politics and politics in general knows the old saying: never run an inquiry if you don’t know the outcome.

Tasmania launches elder abuse initiative

Paul Russell | 29 August 2012

It’s time for Premier Giddings to rethink her commitment to euthanasia legislation.

Terrific new website to combat euthanasia in Tasmania

Michael Cook | 11 May 2012

The legalisation of euthanasia is a real possibility in the Australian state of Tasmania. But today’s media launch of a stunning new website could tip the balance in favour of opponents. Hopefully it will get widespread publicity.

How voluntary is “voluntary”?

Michael Cook | 03 April 2012

A criminologist at the University of Tasmania doubts that many people in the community will be able to give full and voluntary consent to ending their lives through euthanasia. The growing prevalence of elder abuse suggests that aged people could easily be manipulated.

Unclear end-of-life concepts cloud euthanasia debate

Michael Cook | 06 April 2011
A genuine public debate on "legalising euthanasia" can only happen after a clear distinction is made between assisted suicide and euthanasia and the withholding, refusal, or withdrawal of life-sustaining measures, says a Queensland University of Technology (QUT) law academic.

Video wrap-up of Australia’s debate

Michael Cook | 02 April 2011
This short feature from Australia's ABC is a good broad-brush sketch of the issues and personalities in the local euthanasia debate.

Plans for Australian euthanasia clinics

Michael Cook | 07 March 2011
Although the passage of euthanasia laws in the Australian states of South Australia and Tasmanis is far from certain, activist Dr Philip Nitschke is already making plans. He wants to set up a euthanasia clinic in Adelaide or Hobart as soon as it is legalised.

Philip Nitschke: suicide as an art form in Tasmania

Paul Russell | 10 February 2011
Multi-millionaire, David Walsh’s assault on the senses in his new Art Museum on the banks of the Derwent river, Hobart, would seem to be an attempt to offend almost everyone. From rotting animal carcasses to the remains of a suicide bomber made from Belgian chocolate and an ‘excrement machine’ that mimics the human body’s waste evacuation system, there would seem to be something here to shock everyone.

Safeguards: the Precautionary Principle and the Tasmanian Premier

Paul Russell | 08 February 2011
The commitment of newly appointed Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings to supporting a euthanasia and assisted suicide agenda in that state’s parliament would seem to elevate the issue to a new alert level in the Apple Isle. The Labor/Green alliance forged by her predecessor, David Bartlett, with Greens leader, Nick McKim will, no doubt, be honoured in the next few months by the introduction of yet another euthanasia bill; amongst other initiatives one suspects.

Tasmania’s new premier backs euthanasia

Michael Cook | 29 January 2011
The new Premier of the Australian state of Tasmania has promised to back a voluntary euthanasia bill. Lara Giddings, a 38-year-old career Labor politician, has stepped into the leadership after David Bartlett resigned to spend more time with his young family.

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