“A vote for life and dignity, not for death”

Philippa Whitford | 12 September 2015
The speech by a Scottish MP which changed minds and hearts about assisted suicide.

Assisted dying sinks in UK Parliament by 3-1 margin

Michael Cook | 12 September 2015
Brilliant speeches in passionate debate

The Lancet stumbles over assisted dying

Michael Cook | 07 September 2015
Editor's attack based on anti-Christian prejudice.

Medical homicide: telling it as it is

Jacqueline Laing | 18 July 2014
Today the House of Lords in the British Parliament begins a debate on legalising assisted suicide.

Lord Carey’s suicide mission

Laura Perrins | 15 July 2014
A former Archbishop of Canterbury gets everything wrong about assisted suicide.

A recession is no time for assisted suicide, says disabled British peer

Michael Cook | 13 March 2014
Moves to legalise assisted suicide in Britain are a threat to the disabled.

Putting doctors above the law

Peter Saunders | 11 November 2013
Lawful euthanasia would follow the model of lawful abortion: no doctors are ever prosecuted.

Euthanasia denied to two paralyzed British men

Michael Cook | 18 August 2012
Two severely paralyzed British men have lost a High Court case to allow doctors to end their lives without fear of prosecution.

Don’t be fooled, it’s mainly about money

Peter Saunders | 03 July 2012
Today, according to the Sunday Times, Lord Falconer (pictured) will publish his new bill on assisted suicide. In line with the recommendations of his sham ‘Commission on Assisted Dying’ he will push for doctors being given the power to help mentally competent adults with less than one year to live to kill themselves.

Victory for euthanasia foes in the UK

Robert Colquhoun | 29 June 2012
The British Medical Association has voted not to change its stand on assisted suicide from opposition to neutrality.

Hard cases, great cases, and bad law

Paul Russell | 17 April 2012
The UK case of the plight of Locked-In suffer, Tony Nicklinson, who is seeking to ‘change the existing understanding of the common law’ on assisted suicide (effectively, murder) is by any rendering a hard case.

UK locked-in patient may set dangerous euthanasia precedent

Peter Saunders | 13 March 2012
Legal action brought by a locked-in syndrome sufferer, who wants a doctor to be able to end his ‘intolerable’ life lawfully, can go ahead following a judge's ruling today. The Ministry of Justice had previously argued that the case should be struck out on the grounds that it is a matter for Parliament, rather than the courts, to decide. But the judge's ruling today means that Mr Nicklinson's case will go to a full hearing, where medical evidence can be heard.

The Dignity in Dying blog has opted for assisted suicide after apparently suffering unbearably

Peter Saunders | 08 August 2011
The Uk's Dignity in Dying blog has opted for assisted suicide after apparently suffering unbearably from a terminal condition.

UK withdrawal of treatment case threatens disabled

Peter Saunders | 30 June 2011
Radio Four’s recent File on Four programme, ‘A Living Death’, featured four case histories of people with serious brain damage. They included Ian Wilson, an Aberdeen man in his 50s, who suffered a severe head injury in a road accident 21 years ago and is now the longest surviving patient in the UK with vegetative state. He is looked after at home by his 83 year old mother. A second patient with the same diagnosis had died after a court ruled that food and fluids could be withheld.

Will British Medical Assoc spurn “bogus” commission on assisted dying?

Peter Saunders | 28 June 2011
Former Lord Chancellor Charles Falconer (pictured) appeared on the Radio Four Sunday programme this morning. His controversial ‘commission on assisted dying’ will begin to consider the ‘evidence’ it has gathered this coming Wednesday.

Is it ethical for the BBC to broadcast a suicide?

Peter Saunders | 15 June 2011
Care Not Killing, an British alliance of over 40 organisations, has called on the Uk’s Secretary of State for Health and the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, to carry out an urgent investigation into the way assisted suicide is covered by the BBC and its link to English suicide rates.

BBC to broadcast Swiss suicide

Peter Saunders | 08 June 2011
The BBC’s decision to screen a man's dying moments at the Dignitas suicide facility in a documentary fronted by Terry Pratchett has already come under heavy criticism. A five-minute sequence in the BBC2 programme, due to be shown on 13 June, shows celebrity author Pratchett witnessing Peter, a British man in his early 70s who has motor neurone disease, taking his own life at the controversial Swiss facility.

London Times errs in backing assisted suicide

Peter Saunders | 02 June 2011
The Times newspaper has this week devoted two whole pages and an editorial to the pro-assisted suicide cause just as Dignity in Dying (formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society) is launching its latest propaganda barrage on parliament with the mailing of a new booklet to all MPs and Peers.

Disabled people fear change in UK assisted suicide law

Peter Saunders | 14 May 2011
LONDON: Changing the law on assisted suicide would put pressure on disabled people to kill themselves, according to new research. The new Comres poll found that 70 per cent of disabled people were concerned that such a change would lead to ‘pressure being placed on disabled people to end their lives prematurely’

Hullo, how can we help you today?

Peter Saunders | 29 April 2011
Why is an offshoot of a UK euthanasia pressure group launching a ‘how-to-die’ helpline?

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