Assisted Suicide

Media should stop romanticizing assisted suicide
Ada Slivinski | Apr 27 2016 | comment  
Journalists should guard against coverage that could lead to 'suicide contagion'.

The Netherlands is normalising euthanasia
Michael Cook | Mar 30 2016 | comment  
A former member of a euthanasia review board is horrified at what is happening in his country

Oregon releases its 2015 ‘death with dignity’ stats
Michael Cook | Feb 20 2016 | comment  
Since legalisation 991 people have died.

Next, limit the harm: proposals for Canada’s new euthanasia law
Margaret Somerville | Feb 19 2016 | comment  
When legalisation is inevitable its effects must be contained.

When do we get our euthanasia app?
Peter Stockland | Feb 4 2016 | comment  
Mercy killing has become normalized, even banal, in Canada.

Making suicide easier – and no one takes notice
Paul Russell | Dec 17 2015 | comment  
Why aren't suicide prevention agencies denouncing Philip Nitschke?

The case of the vanished euthanasia files
Ian Dowbiggin | Dec 7 2015 | comment  
Precious American documents have disappeared, perhaps for ever.

Nitschke tells medical board to go to blazes
Michael Cook | Nov 30 2015 | comment  
Burns practicing certificate and announces plans for a right-to-die campaign

A bureaucracy of medical deception
Sean Murphy | Nov 23 2015 | comment  
Quebec physicians told to falsify euthanasia death certificates

Reality TV for toffs: The Economist and euthanasia
Michael Cook | Nov 17 2015 | comment  
Journalists need guidelines for covering euthanasia.

Don’t manipulate Australia’s euthanasia debate
George L. Mendz | Nov 10 2015 | comment  
This week's Q&A allowed euthanasia campaigner Andrew Denton to dominate the discussion.

Australia’s ‘Dr Death’ forced to stop promoting suicide
Michael Cook | Oct 28 2015 | comment  
Severe conditions placed on Philip Nitschke's registration

‘Good for me’, but what about society?
Margaret Somerville | Oct 28 2015 | comment  
What Canada's top court left out in its judgment on assisted suicide.

Should euthanasia researchers declare their interests?
Carolyn Moynihan | Oct 23 2015 | comment  
A New Zealand study raises important questions.

How the assisted suicide lobby won in California
Michael Cook | Oct 14 2015 | comment  
By creating brilliant YouTube propaganda

Go west, old man! Go west!
Michael Cook | Oct 6 2015 | comment  
Now that California has legalised assisted suicide, it is available up and down the entire West Coast

Fate of assisted suicide in California hinges on Governor
Michael Cook | Sep 19 2015 | comment  
The idiosyncratic Jerry Brown is mulling over whether or not to veto a bill.

“A vote for life and dignity, not for death”
Philippa Whitford | Sep 12 2015 | comment  
The speech by a Scottish MP which changed minds and hearts about assisted suicide.

Assisted dying sinks in UK Parliament by 3-1 margin
Michael Cook | Sep 12 2015 | comment  
Brilliant speeches in passionate debate

The Lancet stumbles over assisted dying
Michael Cook | Sep 7 2015 | comment  
Editor's attack based on anti-Christian prejudice.

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