Assisted Suicide

There’s no “mushy middle” on euthanasia

Margaret Somerville | 02 October 2014
The Canadian Medical Association is not being honest about its change of policy.

A compassionate society prevents suicide; it doesn’t promote it

Paul Russell | 11 September 2014
How can we prevent suicide if we are also assisting it?

“End of life options”: a young person’s game

Audrey D. Cole | 01 August 2014
People with disabilities feel threatened by moves to legalize killing of those who request it.

Medical homicide: telling it as it is

Jacqueline Laing | 18 July 2014
Today the House of Lords in the British Parliament begins a debate on legalising assisted suicide.

A man who disdains euphemisms

Paul Russell | 08 July 2014
Philip Nitschke is forcing Australians to see how serious assisted suicide is.

Hard cases make bad euthanasia laws

Paul Russell | 03 April 2014
Heart-wrenching stories of people with terminal illness are compelling. But they still don't make a good case.

A recession is no time for assisted suicide, says disabled British peer

Michael Cook | 13 March 2014
Moves to legalise assisted suicide in Britain are a threat to the disabled.

Fact-checking claims of “well regulated euthanasia”

Margaret Somerville | 24 February 2014
Good ethics must be based on good facts, not hoping for the best.

Death of Welsh academic shows why suicide is the ultimate taboo

Paul Russell | 15 January 2014
Why do advocates of euthanasia always insist that it is not really suicide?

La Force de iFop: France’s bizarre path to euthanasia

Paul Russell | 19 December 2013
A panel of 18 randomly selected citizens takes the heat off President Hollande.

Putting doctors above the law

Peter Saunders | 11 November 2013
Lawful euthanasia would follow the model of lawful abortion: no doctors are ever prosecuted.

Tasmania’s push for euthanasia comes under fire

Paul Russell | 08 October 2013
A thoroughly researched report by two academics shoots down the claims of the state's Premier.

Nitschke and Exit must answer questions

Paul Russell | 05 September 2012
The roll out of Exit International and Dr Philip Nitschke’s latest project, the provision of kits that include a nitrogen cylinder to bring about death by suffocation, should ring alarm bells with the Australian public and regulatory authorities.

Euthanasia denied to two paralyzed British men

Michael Cook | 18 August 2012
Two severely paralyzed British men have lost a High Court case to allow doctors to end their lives without fear of prosecution.

Prosecute police, says Dignitas. They stopped our suicide

Michael Cook | 17 August 2012
The Swiss group Dignitas has filed a complaint against the Zurich prosecutor’s office for interrupting an assisted suicide. On August 2, a 67-year-old woman suffering from a genetic disease who weighed only 35 kilos attempted to kill herself at a Dignitas clinic.

American sailor jailed over assisted suicide

Michael Cook | 15 August 2012
Google "assisted suicide" on Google News and you can scroll through a number of current cases which have been discribed as "assisted suicide" or "mercy killing". As a particularly sordid example of how assisted suicide can be abused, consider the case of Gerard Curran and Paul Stephen Bricker, two American sailors living in Virginia.

German government wrangling over assisted suicide

Michael Cook | 15 August 2012
A close friend should be allowed to help someone commit suicide, says the German Justice Minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger.

Leading Massachusetts doctors go mano a mano over assisted suicide

Michael Cook | 05 August 2012
On election day in November, Massachusetts will also vote on a referendum on assisted suicide – or, as its supporters call it, assisted dying. On July 31 Boston Globe featured parallel statements by a leading advocate of the measure and a leading foe.

A taste for death—but not mercy killing

Michael Cook | 26 July 2012
The illustrious English crime writer and Conservative peer P.D.James may make her living by imagining murders, but she has no time for euthanasia (although she does not oppose suicide). In a delightful interview with the Observer, the 91-year-old author answered questions from readers and other writers. Here are some excerpts.

Canada’s A-G to appeal assisted suicide decision

Michael Cook | 17 July 2012
Canada's Attorney General, Rob Nicholson, announced this week that he will appeal to the country's Supreme Court to overturn a decision by the British Columbia Supreme Court that bans on assisted suicide were unconstitutional.

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