Elder Abuse

Tasmania launches elder abuse initiative

Paul Russell | 29 August 2012

It’s time for Premier Giddings to rethink her commitment to euthanasia legislation.

Terrific new website to combat euthanasia in Tasmania

Michael Cook | 11 May 2012

The legalisation of euthanasia is a real possibility in the Australian state of Tasmania. But today’s media launch of a stunning new website could tip the balance in favour of opponents. Hopefully it will get widespread publicity.

Mickey Rooney highlights the danger of elder abuse

Michael Cook | 20 April 2012

Mickey Rooney, the Hollywood icon who testified before the US Congress about his experience with elder abuse, stars in an 82-minute documentary, “Last Will and Embezzlement”.

How voluntary is “voluntary”?

Michael Cook | 03 April 2012

A criminologist at the University of Tasmania doubts that many people in the community will be able to give full and voluntary consent to ending their lives through euthanasia. The growing prevalence of elder abuse suggests that aged people could easily be manipulated.

A son who decided dad’s time was up

Michael Cook | 20 January 2011
The number of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients will probably double in the United States over the next 20 years. Here’s a real life example from Connecticut of what may happen to some of them.

What about elder abuse?

Paul Russell | 14 December 2010
The national newspaper, The Australian, ran an article this week calling for a national hotline to be set up to deal with the problem of Elder Abuse. Council of the Aging chief executive, Ian Yates, made the call for a national phone line adding that the problem of Elder Abuse was, “likely to continue with the aging population.”

Elderly man shoots sick wife in ‘‘mercy killing’’ at nursing home

Jared Yee | 27 November 2010
Roy Charles Laird, 88, was arrested this week after allegedly shooting his 86-year-old wife, Clara Laird, in her California nursing home. The couple’s daughter described the act as a “mercy killing”. Laird staunchly persisted in feeding and bathing his wife, Clara, 86, as dementia and crippling illness took away her ability to walk, sit up, feed herself or recognise visitors, according to the daughter, Kathy Palmateer, 68.

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