What the Dalai Lama really thinks about same-sex marriage

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Zac Alstin skilfully deconstructs what the world's most famous Buddhist leader thinks about sexual morality. It turns out that he is more or less on the same page as Christians with regard to homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Check out the article on MercatorNet's home page

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No white flag. Ever.

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It’s sad to witness columnist Ross Douthat’s devolution into a cheese-eating surrender monkey. For years, his was the only voice at the New York Times to put the case, often eloquently and persuasively, against same-sex marriage. But last weekend he ran up the white flag. The battle is all but over, he lamented. In the not-too-distant future, the Supreme Court will follow the logic of recent decisions like US v. Windsor and redefine the institution of marriage to include gay and lesbian relationships. He concludes:

“We are not really having an argument about same-sex marriage anymore, and … we’re not having a negotiation. Instead, all that’s left is the timing of the final victory — and for the defeated to find out what settlement the victors will impose.”

This bleak panorama is dangerous. If the battle is all but won by supporters of same-sex… click here to read whole article and make comments



What the Arizona religious liberty veto means

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Media distortions and “lies” clouded public understanding of an Arizona measure that would have clarified religious liberty protections for business owners, not allowed them to discriminate rampantly against gays and lesbians, The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson told The Foundry in an interview yesterday.

“For about two weeks you got a nonstop barrage of lies in the media,” Anderson said in the interview with The Foundry’s Genevieve Wood, two days after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the state legislature’s short amendment to Arizona’s 15-year-old religious liberty law.

Read more at The Foundry

Plus: Cakes, gays and religious freedom - a Q&A

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I am more than my desire

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I am a woman who desires men, but I don't define myself that way. Who I am depends equally as much on the parents who raised me, the town where I grew up, and the schools I attended. I am an introverted and somewhat socially awkward intellectual, who likes Renaissance music, science fiction, and macaroni and cheese. I am all of these things and I like all of these things completely apart from my heterosexuality.

I could identify myself as a Virginian born-and-bred or a New York transplant, as a blogger or a lawyer or a stay-at-home mom, but these categories don't constrain or pigeon-hole me. I was born with the last name Smith and at marriage changed my name to Santos, but changing my name did not change my ethnicity or my identity. On a deeper level, I am a former WASP turned Catholic convert,… click here to read whole article and make comments



What would Lincoln say about same-sex marriage?

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Check out Robert Reilly's incisive analysis  on MercatorNet's home page of a Virginia judge's ruling that a ban on same-sex marriage violates the state constitution. Here are the opening paragraphs: 

Denial of reality on the marriage issue is becoming almost impermeable. Self-reinforcing decisions from one federal court to another are weaving together a skein of an alternate reality in which we will all soon be required to participate.
It just hit Virginia, where I reside. On February 13, US District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen chose to disenfranchise the citizens of the Commonwealth by voiding that part of our constitution and those laws that define marriage as between one man and one woman as unconstitutional. 


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Homophobia is “insulting to God”

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The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, says homophobia is “insulting to God,” because “God never created anybody that he doesn't love." According to the Independent Dr. Martin said:

"Anybody who doesn't show love towards gay and lesbian people is insulting God. They are not just homophobic if they do that – they are actually Godophobic because God loves every one of those people." 

Regarding the harassment of homosexuals, Dr. Martin said, "Certainly the sort of actions that we heard of this week of people being spat at because they were gay or ridiculed . . . that is not a Christian attitude. We have to have the courage to stand up and say that."  He added: "We all belong to one another and there is no way we can build up a society in which people are excluded or insulted.”

This is one problem with same sex marriage.… click here to read whole article and make comments



Russia, gay rights and the protection of children

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Let’s face it, Russians are different: Tsarism, Stalinism, Putinism all set Russia apart and have given the West a superiority complex. But, like the rest of us, Russians like to boast about the high points of their culture and history – Tolstoy, the Bolshoi, Sputnik and all that – which they did to awesome effect in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics at the weekend.

Not even the most expensive – and possibly most impressive -- Olympic extravaganza to date, however, could obliterate the carping about gay rights that has accompanied the Sochi games. Everyone from UN boss Ban Ki Moon to a little old grandmother in Berlin has been wagging the finger or waving placards at Russia’s terrible homophobic laws.

“More than 200 leading international authors including Salman Rushdie, Margaret Atwood and Jonathan Franzen criticised the anti-gay law as well as… click here to read whole article and make comments



Stop messing with the family, say the French

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Passing a gay marriage law does not end the marriage debate, as the Prime Minister of France is discovering. Francois Hollande’s Socialist-led government has had to shelve plans to “update” family law after huge demonstrations in Paris and Lyon on Sunday against any further meddling with marriage and the family, Reuters reports.

About 100,000 people rallied to the protests organised by the movement La Manif Pour Tous (demonstration for everyone).

The government tried on Monday to reassure the protesters, who numbered over 100,000 in Paris and Lyon on Sunday, that the new law would not legalize assisted procreation for lesbian couples or surrogate motherhood for gay men who wanted children.

But when Socialist lawmakers insisted they would amend the planned bill to include those reforms, the government announced the draft law - which would also define the legal rights of step-parents in second marriages - needed more work.

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Catholic school sued to hire man in gay marriage

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On July 9, 2013 Matthew Barrett accepted a food service job offered by Fontbonne Academy, a Catholic girls prep school in Milton, Massachusetts. When he filled out their standard employment paperwork, he listed Ed Suplee as his emergency contact and under “relationship” he wrote “husband.”

Within three days, the school rescinded their job offer due to his male marriage. The Boston Globe reported: “She [school administrator] said the Catholic religion doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, and that was her excuse. She said, ‘We cannot hire you.’ ”

Six months later Matthew Barrett registered a complaint against the school for rescinding the job offer, claiming he was discriminated against because he was “gay.” Barrett’s complaint form states: “I learned that Fontbonne would no longer hire me because I am gay and married to a man…I believe that I was terminated, in violation of Massachusetts law, because I am gay.”

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Are “marriage equality” and gender segregation compatible?

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I grew up in a predominately white suburb in Connecticut. Our school was so monochromatic that the powers-that-be decided to bus in blacks from Hartford.

One of the blacks that got off the bus at my school was Joy, with her fluffy side ponytail and glorious smile. Joy said things I never heard spoken out loud before such as, "Lordy, Lordy" in our English class. The black girls taught me Double Dutch jump rope, after which there’s no going back to single. And at our school dances, we were all awed by the skill and grace of the African Americans; even the guys could bust a move.

At graduation Joy signed my yearbook: “To Kelly, one girl in this school that I really do like. Because you’re the only one that really talks to me…” Actually, she did most of the chatting and I did the listening because I wasn’t much of a… click here to read whole article and make comments


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