A British Labour MP explains the case against same-sex marriage

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On Tuesday night the House of Commons voted by 400 to 175 in favour of same-sex marriage. Interestingly, among the 175 who voted against were 22 Labour MPs. 

This was unexpected in that Labour is committed to equality, and same-sex marriage is normally argued for in the name of equality. So why would 22 Labour MPs vote against same-sex marriage?

Scottish Labour MP Jim Dobbin explained why in one of the best speeches of the night. (The text of the speech can be found here (scroll down to find it) while a video of the speech can be found here.)

Mr Dobbin began by noting the truly radical nature of what the Coalition Government was proposing. 

He then clearly set out the definition of marriage. 

Marriage, he said: “is primarily an institution that supports the bearing and raising of children in a committed and… click here to read whole article and make comments



What is really going on?

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Two stories – at least – in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph in London puzzled over the mystery of David Cameron’s strange behaviour in the recent past. Janet Daley asked how Cameron could go from what looked like a possible triumph in his European Union difficulties to what looked like a scuttling of his own party on the redefinition of marriage legislation. Christopher Booker puzzled over the same thing but soon came up with an answer which might well be, for most of us, the solution to the riddle of Cameron’s folly.

 “The greatest puzzle about the ‘gay marriage’ furore” Booker wrote, “is why this issue suddenly erupted from nowhere to the top of the political agenda. Why has David Cameron been willing, as one commentator put it, to ‘trash his party’ in pushing so hard for something that, before the last election, he refused to endorse or to include in the Tory… click here to read whole article and make comments



Mother of Parliaments divorces an institution it has been wedded to for almost one thousand years

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Yesterday, Tuesday, February 5, 2013, was D-Day for marriage in the United Kingdom – well, in the England and Wales segment of it anyway. Yesterday evening (British time) Marriage was redefined in a fairly massive vote in Britain’s House of Commons after six hours of debate. The vote was 400-175. More than 70 members spoke.

Unlike America, the conservative party pushed through conservative PM David Cameron’s legislation. In the new legal definition of marriage it is no longer a bond formed by a man and a woman but can be formed by two men or two women. The Scottish political establishment has stated its intentions very clearly that it is going to go down the redefinition route as well, but the Northern Ireland Assembly will be a tougher challenge for the gay lobby to win. The Republic of Ireland, the neighbouring jurisdiction, probably has a majority of its populist parliament in favour but… click here to read whole article and make comments


Conjugality deals with the true nature of marriage and the challenges it faces today. Our current focus is on the campaign to legalise same-sex marriage. We'd love to get your comments and suggestions. Send an email to

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