Swept under the carpet

Michael Cook | 23 September 2015
Pioneering research into same-sex parenting has been ignored.

Australian companies risk backlash by endorsing same-sex marriage

Constance Kong | 22 September 2015
How will their employees react?

Short, sharp and to the point

Michael Cook | 03 September 2015
A clash between two experienced debates on either side of the same-sex marriage debate.

Australian journalists given “fail” for balance on same-sex marriage

Michael Cook | 20 August 2015
Media analyst calls out his comrades

Australia presses pause button on same-sex marriage

Michael Cook | 13 August 2015
A referendum is possible, says Prime Minister Tony Abbott

How big media (do not) promote debate on gay marriage

Carolyn Moynihan | 10 August 2015
Two major Australian TV channels turn down a paid ad from family groups.

A media stampede on same-sex marriage can only harm society

Andrew Mullins | 04 July 2015
Australians should not be rushed into a decision.

Is teaching Christian morals child abuse?

Michael Cook | 25 June 2015
An Australian same-sex marriage activist argues that it is.

Another child abuse scandal in the making?

Helena Adeloju | 02 June 2015
The rush to same-sex marriage shows Australians are learning nothing from historical child abuse.

Political fruit flies

Michael Cook | 01 June 2015
Australian politicians are joining the conga line of supporters of same-sex marriage with indecent haste.

Faring well? Convenient findings about same-sex parenting

Carolyn Moynihan | 10 July 2014
Despite the hype about a Melbourne study it cannot tell us whether the kids are all right.

Repudiating the calculated decision to deprive children of mothers

David van Gend | 08 May 2014
You must watch this hard-hitting video by an Australian doctor.

It’s official. If Australia gets same-sex marriage, polygamy is next.

Michael Cook | 13 December 2013
This week's decision by the High Court upholds the law but undermines marriage.

Woman marries Catholic bridge

Karee Santos | 13 November 2013
But was the marriage valid? We launch a theological discussion.

It’s time to move on. Australians do not want same-sex marriage

Lyle Shelton | 19 September 2013
Today in Canberra nine people – eight Labor and one from the Greens – will set themselves up to decide marriage policy affecting the entire nation.

Without kids, does marriage deserve social support?

Michael Cook | 21 August 2013
Thank you, Brian Greig, for summing up the ultimate outcome of the same-sex marriage campaign in four crisp sentences: the abolition of marriage altogether.

Don’t be so sure about the issue du jour, says The Australian

Michael Cook | 20 August 2013
In 1999, Australia's most prominent homosexual declared that not one gay or lesbian wanted same-sex marriage. What has changed?

“You disagree with me” is not evidence of homophobia

Michael Cook | 15 August 2013
If gay activists dissolve into puddles of self-pity when confronted with opposing views, it becomes impossible to have a rational discussion based on argument and evidence.

The Wong way forward for Australia

Michael Cook | 14 August 2013
Yesterday evening’s discussion of same-sex marriage on SBS Insight was both great fun and a frightening omen.

What do Australians really think about same-sex marriage?

Blaise Joseph | 14 July 2013
The Australian same-sex marriage lobby is triumphant about the results of a new poll. But what did the research actually show?

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Conjugality deals with the true nature of marriage and the challenges it faces today. Our current focus is on the campaign to legalise same-sex marriage. We'd love to get your comments and suggestions. Send an email to

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