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What is really going on?

Michael Kirke | 12 February 2013
On March 27 last year, the UK’s representation in Strasbourg organised the European Council’s first “closed conference” (ie, public not admitted), to agree detailed plans for the June 2013 implementation of "equal civil marriage”, with a keynote address from Lynne Featherstone. A speech by the British judge, Sir Nicolas Bratza, then head of the European Court of Human Rights, signalled that the court was ready to declare same-sex marriage a “human right”, as soon as enough countries fell into line.

Mother of Parliaments divorces an institution it has been wedded to for almost one thousand years

Michael Kirke | 06 February 2013
Yesterday, Tuesday, February 5, 2013, was D-Day for marriage in the United Kingdom – well, in the England and Wales segment of it anyway. Yesterday evening (British time) Marriage was redefined in a fairly massive vote in Britain’s House of Commons after six hours of debate. The vote was 400-175. More than 70 members spoke.

Stormy weather on the horizon?

Michael Kirke | 24 January 2013
The pending bill would, for the first time in our state's history, redefine marriage to legally recognize same-sex "marriages." But neither two men nor two women - nor, for that matter, three or more people - can possibly form a marriage. Our law would be lying if it said they could.

Parliamentary process “scorned in the rush to redefine marriage”

Michael Kirke | 13 December 2012
Outrage seems too mild a term to describe the reaction which is evident across Britain in the wake of the government’s decision there to press on with its redefinition of marriage. Yesterday's Daily Telegraph in its editorial comment decried the needles import to Britain of what it called America's "culture wars" on this issue.

British Government plans to introduce gay “marriage” bill next week

Michael Kirke | 12 December 2012
The British Government is expected to announce legislation for what it calls 'Equal Civil Marriage' next week. It will also publish results of its recent 'Consultation' on the issue. The formal debate on the Bill will not take place until the New Year.

More politically correct than electorally smart?

Michael Kirke | 31 July 2012
Relentless is the only word that can be used to describe the onslaught on the institution of marriage. But relentless does not mean victorious and nor does it make anything right that is wrong and wrong-headed.

Another gauntlet thrown down before the British government on marriage issue

Michael Kirke | 12 June 2012
The Church of England has now issued its formal response to the British government’s plans to legislate for gay “marriage” and in doing so throws down yet another gauntlet to David Cameron who still insists on pursuing the Coalition’s policy on this issue. The Daily Telegraph reports on the Church’s response this morning, which dismisses the Coalition's same-sex marriage plans “divisive”, “legally flawed” and “essentially ideological”.

Cracks deepen in British Conservative Party over marriage issue

Michael Kirke | 25 May 2012
The cracks continue to deepen in the British government’s plans to change the definition of marriage. David Cameron now seems set to give his MPs a free vote on whether gay couples should be allowed to turn their civil partnership arrangements into something they will call marriage.

Sentamu presents Cameron government with a case to answer

Michael Kirke | 19 May 2012
The folly, futility and dangers inherent in the proposal of the British Government to introduce legislation which will redefine marriage were forcefully underlined on Thursday by the second most powerful voice in the Church of England, Dr. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York.

Are Obama and Cameron playing with electoral fire?

Michael Kirke | 10 May 2012
As was widely anticipated, President Obama’s “evolution” on the marriage question has now reached its final resting place in the gay lobby camp. But the political consequences are not so clear and the electoral rout which the other convert to the redefinition of marriage cause, Britain’s David Cameron, experienced at the polls last week might be worrying him. But really, given his imprisonment – not necessarily an unwilling confinement – by the ultra liberal caucus, he had little choice as to which side of the fence he was ultimately going to choose.

Hitchens gunning for Cameron on the marriage issue

Michael Kirke | 19 March 2012
Sometime after David Cameron’s election as leader of the Conservative Party in Britain he began to make positive noises about the importance of the family – and of marriage as the institution which gave it stability in society. When the Tories won enough votes in the last general election to enable them to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats some thought things might improve.

Cameron’s gay marriage proposal is “completely nuts” says Tory MP

Michael Kirke | 02 March 2012
David Cameron’s proposals on legalising same-sex marriage in Britain hit another obstacle yesterday – this time within his own party. The whole proposal is ‘completely nuts', one MP told him yesterday.

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