Same-sex Marriage

A media stampede on same-sex marriage can only harm society

Andrew Mullins | 04 July 2015
Australians should not be rushed into a decision.

Family advocacy can be political and charitable, rules New Zealand judge

Carolyn Moynihan | 01 July 2015
Deregistration after same-sex marriage campaign must be reviewed.

A milestone in the sexual revolution

Michael Cook | 27 June 2015
After the celebration, the revolutionaries will set to work.

What does the future hold?

Ryan T. Anderson | 27 June 2015
Obergefell v. Hodges is the clearest case of judicial activism in recent years.

A defeat for ‘We the People’ and our posterity

David Upham | 27 June 2015
This decision will aggravate and accelerate the collapse in the number and durability of American marriages.

Is teaching Christian morals child abuse?

Michael Cook | 25 June 2015
An Australian same-sex marriage activist argues that it is.

Business and professions will suffer if same-sex marriage arrives

J. Mark Brewer | 24 June 2015
Toleration is morphing into intolerance.

Would Oscar Wilde have voted for same-sex marriage?

Mark Milburn | 22 June 2015
Not the man who said, 'Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.'

The mysterious case of the missing morality

Robert R. Reilly | 12 June 2015
Opponents of same-sex marriage fear to boldly assert that homosexual acts are sterile and immoral.

The 14th Amendment is no mandate for same-sex marriage

Herbert W. Titus and William J. Olson | 10 June 2015
Where does the US Constitution mention it?

MercatorNet contributor targeted by activists

Michael Cook | 02 June 2015
David van Gend's surgery in Toowoomba was vandalised over his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Another child abuse scandal in the making?

Helena Adeloju | 02 June 2015
The rush to same-sex marriage shows Australians are learning nothing from historical child abuse.

Political fruit flies

Michael Cook | 01 June 2015
Australian politicians are joining the conga line of supporters of same-sex marriage with indecent haste.

Reconsidering the U.S. Supreme Court’s authority to mandate same-sex marriage

William J. Olson and Herbert W. Titus | 29 May 2015
The doctrine of judicial supremacy is found nowhere in the US Constitution.

What lies ahead for marriage in Ireland?

Michael Cook | 25 May 2015
It wasn’t the gays who trashed marriage; it was the straights.

Ireland abandons its children

David van Gend | 25 May 2015
Motherless and fatherless families are now enshrined as an ideal in the Irish Constitution.

Gay study a “mountain of fabrication”

Michael Cook | 22 May 2015
A research scandal should ring warning bells.

The fairest referendum money can buy

Michael Cook | 19 May 2015
An American foundation has poured millions into a campaign to support same-sex marriage in Ireland.

Two gay campaigners against same-sex marriage in Ireland

Michael Kirke | 18 May 2015
What about the children, they ask.

Ireland: Will the Noes have it?

Michael Kirke | 15 May 2015
It has been a bad week for a government hitching its wagon to marriage "equality".

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Conjugality deals with the true nature of marriage and the challenges it faces today. Our current focus is on the campaign to legalise same-sex marriage. We'd love to get your comments and suggestions. Send an email to

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