China’s workforce contracts further

Marcus Roberts | 27 January 2016
Another worrying sign for the Chinese economy

China’s illegal children

Marcus Roberts | 02 November 2015
More victims of China's terrible family planning policies

The one child policy is dead!

Marcus Roberts | 30 October 2015
May the two child policy be short-lived.

China’s economic growth plan: more babies please

Marcus Roberts | 09 September 2015
An emphasis on demographic issues in the upcoming five-year plan.

The demographic “crossover” from China to India

Marcus Roberts | 19 August 2015
How will China cope with diminishing population and prestige?

Only in China…

Marcus Roberts | 07 August 2015
...would the state consider moving 100 million people.

China may soon move to ‘two child policy’

Shannon Roberts | 27 July 2015
But will the change come too late?

China’s forgotten children

Shannon Roberts | 13 July 2015
The heart-wrenching suicide note four of them left.

Great news!

Marcus Roberts | 22 May 2015
Mercy for at least one couple and their baby under the one child policy

China continues to devour its own children

Marcus Roberts | 21 May 2015
Relaxation of the one child policy only goes so far.

Shengnu women and boyfriends for rent

Marcus Roberts | 26 February 2015
A baleful mix of societal pressure, gender imbalance, and the one child policy.

Mo Yan, Frogs, and the one child policy

Marcus Roberts | 19 February 2015
The Nobel Prize winning author's novel on the barbaric one child policy.

Why aren’t Chinese couples keen to have more children?

Marcus Roberts | 06 February 2015
Because of money, practicalities and years of government propaganda.

Chinese journalist shocked at conditions for elderly

Shannon Roberts | 28 October 2014
What more can be done by governments around the world?

More Males, Fewer Jobs

Marcus Roberts | 06 October 2014
Bloomberg discusses the economic effects of global demographic change.

Chinese advice on how to control population growth

Marcus Roberts | 26 September 2014
We can assume it won't be good for either mothers or babies.

What you can tell about a country’s future by looking at its gender balance

Prabir Bhattacharya | 29 August 2014
In India and China, the problem is missing girls. In Russia it is the missing men.

China’s (pet) population rising fast

Shannon Roberts | 25 August 2014
Are pets a good substitute for actual children?

Chinese state theology

Marcus Roberts | 13 August 2014
The Chinese Government tries to control what Christianity really means...

Chinese ‘baby boom’ yet to materialise

Shannon Roberts | 03 August 2014
So far the relaxation of the one child policy has changed little.

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Welcome to Demography Is Destiny. We launched this to counter two media memes: that humans are a cancer which is destroying our planet and that world population is spiralling to unsustainable levels. The real story is that intelligent and inventive humans will rise to the challenge of climate change and that our real problem is the coming demographic winter. The editors of Demography is Destiny are Marcus and Shannon Roberts, who live in Auckland, New Zealand. Send them your comments and suggestions. 

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