Are we ready for the “grey tsunami”?

Marcus Roberts | 22 April 2014
The Lancet suggests that the UK, the USA and China are not ready.

After Crimea: is ethnicity the new World Order?

Marcus Roberts | 24 March 2014
Protecting fellow Russians? What about fellow Chinese?

A father’s love…

Marcus Roberts | 18 March 2014
A touching story about sacrifice by one man for his son.

The One Child Policy Revisited

Marcus Roberts | 09 February 2014
Is the one child policy simply the worst policy ever conceived in the history of the world?

One child changes: No effect?

Marcus Roberts | 19 December 2013
What demographic effect will changes to the one child policy have?

The social cost of no siblings

Shannon Roberts | 04 December 2013
Researchers are coming to realise the wide-ranging effects of a generation without siblings.

Can China and Japan reverse their birth decline?

Dermot Grenham | 27 November 2013
The social norm of small or no families has become deeply entrenched.

Asian fertility video

Marcus Roberts | 21 November 2013
An informative video showing the steep decline in the fertility rate in Asia.

China’s one-child policy to be relaxed

Marcus Roberts | 18 November 2013
The Chinese Government has slightly relaxed the notorious one-child policy.

Chinese urbanisation slowing down

Marcus Roberts | 23 October 2013
Those relying on increased urbanisation in China to fuel economic growth may have to think again.

Caring for your parents: a legal obligation in China

Marcus Roberts | 22 October 2013
An old woman in China sues her children for neglecting her.

China has a surplus of men AND ‘leftover women’!?

Marcus Roberts | 14 August 2013
There are hundreds of thousands of 'shengnu' in China: women who cannot find husbands.

Chinese “Bride Price”

Marcus Roberts | 12 June 2013
The traditional "bride price" in China is making it unaffordable for young people to get married.

A shortage of women workers in China pushes up wages

Michael Cook | 20 May 2013
Believe it or not, China is facing labour shortages. There is a shortage of women (I wonder why) and wages are rising. The Economist reports in this video.

Chinese Author Ma Jian and the One-Child Policy

Marcus Roberts | 17 May 2013
More first hand testimony from inside China about the one-child policy's effects.

One Child Policy Won’t Keep China Fed

Marcus Roberts | 19 April 2013
According to researchers at Stanford University, the one-child policy does not ensure Chinese food security.

Changes to One-Child Policy Too Late?

Marcus Roberts | 20 March 2013
It seems as if moves to change China's one-child policy will be too late to arrest demogrpahic decline.

Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring

Marcus Roberts | 19 March 2013
China and the one-child policy. What did Stalin say about tragedies and statistics?

Fewer Girls = A More Violent World

Marcus Roberts | 27 January 2013
More on gendercide in India and China.

Happy New Year!

Marcus Roberts | 16 January 2013
Happy New Year! And a story about diabetes, China and the womb.

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