The Orthodox Will Inherit the Earth (Or at least their Children Will)

Marcus Roberts | 03 May 2013

In a recent issue of Time magazine (at least the online version) Mary Eberstadt made the claim that “In the War Over Christianity, Orthodoxy is Winning”.

Easter Around the World

Shannon Roberts | 31 March 2013

Even in countries where Christianity is a minority religion, Easter is passionately celebrated.  Happy Easter!


Christianity in the Middle East

Marcus Roberts | 04 March 2013

The story of Christianity in the Middle East is more complex that it appears.

Christian Demography

Marcus Roberts | 21 December 2011
The Pew Forum has released a new report on the spread of Christianity.

Odds and Ends

Marcus Roberts | 17 October 2011
Christian Churches in the Middle East, India and the Population Stabilisation Incentive Fund
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17 Apr 2014
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17 Apr 2014
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15 Apr 2014
The latest report on climate change needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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