Japan’s Shrinking Role in the World

Marcus Roberts | 08 April 2014
2013 saw a record annual decline in the population of Japan during peacetime.

Wolves are on the comeback

Marcus Roberts | 07 January 2014
And I don't mean the football team.

Something for next year’s stocking

Marcus Roberts | 26 December 2013
Although perhaps not for everyone...

Can China and Japan reverse their birth decline?

Dermot Grenham | 27 November 2013
The social norm of small or no families has become deeply entrenched.

Tokyo’s 2020 peak

Marcus Roberts | 12 November 2013
The 2020 Summer Olympics will mark the start of Tokyo's rapid population decline.

Japan - Where did the children go?

Marcus Roberts | 22 May 2013
The number of Japanese under the age of 15 has hit (another) record low.

World’s Oldest Man Turns 116

Shannon Roberts | 29 April 2013
Ten days ago on the 19th of April, the world’s oldest person celebrated his 116th birthday in Kyoto, Japan, becoming the oldest person ever (well at least that we know of!). He was born all the way back in 1897. Will we rush to study his diet, exercise regime and skincare products?

Japanese politician suggests banning abortion to increase birthrates

Shannon Roberts | 01 March 2013
It is common knowledge that Japan is in more economic trouble than most as a result of its low birth rate, and it seems that Japanese politicians are taking the situation increasingly seriously. One Japanese politician has come up with a fairly commonsensible plan to increase the country’s ailing birth rate – ban abortions.

Is Japan’s Population Decline Worse than Previously Thought?

Marcus Roberts | 27 February 2013
Some dodgy population statistics from Japan.

Hey! Old People! Stop being a burden on the rest of us!

Marcus Roberts | 19 February 2013
The Japanese finance minister has decided that his party doesn't need the elderly vote.

Waitangi Day and Japan

Marcus Roberts | 06 February 2013
Happy Waitangi Day! And what does the future hold for Japan?

Japan’s Future Prospect

Marcus Roberts | 20 November 2012
Japan's demographic future is examined and an answer is proposed: robots.

Our Expanding Population

Marcus Roberts | 21 June 2012
A report highlights the link between global obesity and pressures on food security.

Japanese Earthquakes -  Natural and Demographic

Marcus Roberts | 31 January 2012
The effect of last year's earthquake is exacerbating Japan's economic problems that demography is causing.

Is Japan a glimpse of Europe’s future?

Marcus Roberts | 17 January 2012
Economists are looking to Japan for indicators about the future of Europe.

The US Economy – Bullishness based on babies

Marcus Roberts | 05 June 2011
Reasons for optimism about the US economy.

Japan’s Earthquake and the Politics of Demography

Marcus Roberts | 05 May 2011
Japan is scaling back its child-subsidy program after the March earthquake and tsunami.

Japan’s new government seeks to boost birth rate

Michael Cook | 03 December 2009
Japan's new government, led by the Democratic Party of Japan, seems to be taking its population problem seriously. The world's number two economy is set to shrink from about 127 million to 95 million by 2050. This means that the number of workers available to support  retirees will fall from 3 to 1.5. Because Japanese are notoriously hostile towards increased immigration, the government's options are limited. It is racking its brains for schemes to increase the birth rate. Here are some mentioned in an article by AFP:

Japan slowly cruising into financial shipwreck

Michael Cook | 16 November 2009
Is Japan headed for financial meltdown because of decades of below replacement-level birth rates? Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says that doom is nigh in a recent column in the London Sunday Telegraph. He quotes a number of economists

Japan’s demographic collapse

Michael Cook | 31 March 2009
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