Paul Ehrlich

I Won’t Mention the “E-Word” Again! Promise!

Marcus Roberts | 25 February 2013

Paul Ehrlich is still predicting mass famine - 45 years on…

Friday Scold

Marcus Roberts | 23 November 2012

Paul Ehrlich is STILL going. Good grief!

Paul Ehrlich - he’s still got it!

Marcus Roberts | 28 April 2012

Paul Ehrlich is making new claims about the future of the planet. No prizes for guessing that his claims are not rose-tinted!

40 years later, was “The Population Bomb” a damp squib?

Michael Cook | 05 August 2009
Forty years after the publication of Paul Ehrlich’s influential book The Population Bomb, a new scholarly, peer-reviewed magazine, the Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development, thinks that it is time to take stock. And in a fascinating series of articles, it contributors demolish Ehrlich’s population pessimism. This is essential reading – and it is freely available. Here are a few highlights.
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