Are we ready for the “grey tsunami”?

Marcus Roberts | 22 April 2014
The Lancet suggests that the UK, the USA and China are not ready.

USA’s childless women

Marcus Roberts | 28 January 2014
More evidence of the drastic social changes that the USA has undergone in the last 40 years.

Are you a Jennifer? You are not alone

Marcus Roberts | 29 October 2013
A neat little map showing the most popular girl names in the USA since 1960.

USA is slowly having more children

Marcus Roberts | 11 September 2013
Are we seeing a fertility bump as the economic downturn slowly recedes?

Immigration to outstrip births in the USA

Marcus Roberts | 20 June 2013
Immigration to the USA is set to overtake the natural growth there in the next couple of decades.

USA’s Population Crisis: Hogwash?

Marcus Roberts | 24 April 2013
A recent opinion piece in the NYTimes tries to tell us that the USA has no fertility crisis.

USA - An Unhealthy Nation?

Marcus Roberts | 17 January 2013
A new report details the USA's depressing health statistics.

Decline in Child Rearing – “Late-Modern Exhaustion”

Marcus Roberts | 07 December 2012
An excellent opinion piece from Ross Douthat from NYTimes.

What is MAVNI?

Marcus Roberts | 13 November 2012
The US is re-introducing a scheme to fast-track foreign nationals into US citizenship in return for their military skills.

Somewhere, yesterday, there was an election…

Marcus Roberts | 08 November 2012
The CNN breakdown of the US election.

The Declining Numbers of Americans Wanting Work

Marcus Roberts | 31 October 2012
The US labour-force participation rate is dropping - fewer people are in work or are looking for work.

Why is Everyone Leaving Detroit?

Marcus Roberts | 25 September 2012
Detroit's population continues to decline, as the US economy and birth rate continues to fall.

American Pi

Marcus Roberts | 27 August 2012
A geeky post - the type that we all love!

Our Expanding Population

Marcus Roberts | 21 June 2012
A report highlights the link between global obesity and pressures on food security.

Sex Selective Abortion in the USA

Marcus Roberts | 13 June 2012
Steven Mosher speaks to a house committee on sex-selective abortions in the USA.

Mexicans are no longer throwing themselves at the fence

Marcus Roberts | 18 May 2012
The melting pot of the USA is continuing to bubble away.

Demography for Democratic majority? Not really….

Brian Lilley | 15 April 2009
I’ve been fascinated by demographics for years, first learning of their practical application during a foray into the world of arts marketing, learning how to sell theatre tickets by looking at people’s life stages, income, or background.

There are good, solid uses of demographics to forecast trends, and then there is the ridiculous. Often, the ridiculous uses have to do with politics.

Bleaker House

Michael Cook | 08 April 2009

Do I detect a new genre of film and novel emerging about below-replacement fertility? The first that came to my attention was Alfonso Cuarón's bleak film Children of Men. This was set in the UK in 2027, when global fertility has mysteriously dropped to 0.00. P.D. James's novel with the same title, upon which the film is based, is, if anything, bleaker still. Now I see that Booker Prize winner Anita Brookner has published a new novel, Strangers, about a retired bank manager who has no wife, no children and no relatives.

American evangelicals with large families

Carolyn Moynihan | 04 April 2009

The “smart power” of family planning for American diplomany

Michael Cook | 31 March 2009

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