Ageing Population

Are we ready for the “grey tsunami”?

Marcus Roberts | 22 April 2014
The Lancet suggests that the UK, the USA and China are not ready.

Japan’s Shrinking Role in the World

Marcus Roberts | 08 April 2014
2013 saw a record annual decline in the population of Japan during peacetime.

An ageing India

Pascoal Carvalho | 24 February 2014
By 2021 India could have 140 million elderly, but not the ability (or willingness) to take care of them.

Iran’s demographic collapse

Marcus Roberts | 11 February 2014
Will Iran's bleak demographic outlook lead to war?

Something for next year’s stocking

Marcus Roberts | 26 December 2013
Although perhaps not for everyone...

New Zealand needs more people!

Marcus Roberts | 06 December 2013
People are starting to wonder about the implications of New Zealand's slow population growth.

China’s one-child policy to be relaxed

Marcus Roberts | 18 November 2013
The Chinese Government has slightly relaxed the notorious one-child policy.

Tokyo’s 2020 peak

Marcus Roberts | 12 November 2013
The 2020 Summer Olympics will mark the start of Tokyo's rapid population decline.

Chinese urbanisation slowing down

Marcus Roberts | 23 October 2013
Those relying on increased urbanisation in China to fuel economic growth may have to think again.

Caring for your parents: a legal obligation in China

Marcus Roberts | 22 October 2013
An old woman in China sues her children for neglecting her.

Population growth: doom or necessity?

Marcus Roberts | 21 October 2013
The New Yorker reviews the arguments.

New Zealand’s retirement plan

Marcus Roberts | 10 October 2013
More tinkering at the edges around New Zealand's ageing population.

We need to plan now for the ageing

Shannon Roberts | 03 October 2013
Is the world ready for massive demographic change?

How can Germany arrest its population decline?

Marcus Roberts | 06 September 2013
Germany is waking up to its population crisis, but will any governmental policies work?

The world’s oldest man?

Marcus Roberts | 19 August 2013
Do we have a new world record for the oldest human ever recorded?

UK to immigrants: we need you!

Marcus Roberts | 07 August 2013
A report in the UK argues that immigrants may be necessary for the nation's economic health in the future.

Ageing Population = Lower Productivity Growth?

Marcus Roberts | 13 May 2013
A report by Fredrik Nerbrand of the HSBC suggest that an ageing workforce is a less productive one.

New Zealand: Ghost Towns and Emigrants

Marcus Roberts | 04 December 2012
New Zealand's future: bigger, older, more Aucklandish...

Polish/Scottish Worries

Marcus Roberts | 29 November 2012
Two more European countries are starting to fret about their demographic future.

Mexico - Another Country Growing Old

Marcus Roberts | 26 November 2012
Mexico's fertility decline in the last few decades has been remarkably swift.

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Japan’s Shrinking Role in the World
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