Ageing Population

Ageing population = low economic growth

Marcus Roberts | 16 December 2015
Is the USA's slow economic recovery due to the retiring baby boomers?

Building age-friendly cities

Shannon Roberts | 14 December 2015
Hong Kong and Japan take positive new measures.

The challenges of an ageing nation

Marcus Roberts | 18 November 2015
Do you have any ideas how they can be met?

The tragedy of growing old in South Korea

Marcus Roberts | 11 November 2015
Loneliness, suicide, poverty and despair are all on the rise.

A poignant journey into aging

Shannon Roberts | 21 October 2015
An old novel, but one I just discovered.

Canadian seniors outnumber children for first time ever

Shannon Roberts | 04 October 2015
Is Canada ready for the change?

Asian immigrants prop up US population

Shannon Roberts | 29 September 2015
Most US immigrants now come from Asia, not Mexico.

Dementia numbers growing

Marcus Roberts | 16 September 2015
As the world gets older, the cost of aged care increases.

How our ageing population influences the economy

Shannon Roberts | 11 August 2015
Just what is ‘global savings glut theory’?

Lower economic growth and lower interest rates for the 21st century?

Marcus Roberts | 31 July 2015
Our ageing societies suggest just that.

What can governments do to increase birthrates?

Marcus Roberts | 29 July 2015
Pay parents? Subsidise childcare? Longer maternity leave?

Ageing populations, announcements and Happy Meals

Marcus Roberts | 23 July 2015
South Korea and Japan react to their demographic shifts...

What is going to happen to all those rest homes?

Marcus Roberts | 17 July 2015
Will we be left with "ghost suburbs"?

A sign of things to come…

Marcus Roberts | 15 July 2015
We laugh - but more will be holding up traffic in the years to come.

Germany’s impending economic decline

Marcus Roberts | 09 June 2015
It's all down to a lack of kinder.

UN Sustainable Development Goals “highly unethical”

Marcus Roberts | 03 June 2015
Countries will devote health resources to the young at the expense of the elderly.

Intergenerational living at retirement homes

Marcus Roberts | 16 April 2015
Students are given free accommodation in return for helping with the elderly: a win-win scenario.

The oldest baton changes hands

Marcus Roberts | 10 April 2015
The women who are the world's oldest and their tips for longevity.

Australia’s population future

Marcus Roberts | 13 March 2015
A new government report highlights the financial pressures of an ageing population.

US population in 2060

Marcus Roberts | 06 March 2015
It will be larger, older and more diverse.

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Welcome to Demography Is Destiny. We launched this to counter two media memes: that humans are a cancer which is destroying our planet and that world population is spiralling to unsustainable levels. The real story is that intelligent and inventive humans will rise to the challenge of climate change and that our real problem is the coming demographic winter. The editors of Demography is Destiny are Marcus and Shannon Roberts, who live in Auckland, New Zealand. Send them your comments and suggestions. 

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