Fertility Rates

India’s declining fertility
Shannon Roberts | May 23 2016 | comment  
Population panic turns to concern about fertility problems.

Do you wish you were a 1970’s mum?
Shannon Roberts | May 18 2016 | comment  
One reason why birth rates are not recovering post-recession.

Are immigrants a boon for fertility rates?
Marcus Roberts | May 13 2016 | comment  
The Economist suggests "no".

Inspiring families
Shannon Roberts | May 11 2016 | comment  
There are more of them than the media portray.

What will encourage South Koreans to have more children?
Marcus Roberts | Feb 12 2016 | comment  
Or are its societal norms too deeply ingrained?

Talking about family ‘not PC’ according to Hungarian Prime Minister
Shannon Roberts | Nov 9 2015 | comment  
Hungary is worried about Europe's empty cradles.

Do we need fertility education?
Marcus Roberts | Oct 23 2015 | comment  
UK's first andrology professor thinks so...

Asian immigrants prop up US population
Shannon Roberts | Sep 29 2015 | comment  
Most US immigrants now come from Asia, not Mexico.

Thinking through parenthood
Shannon Roberts | Sep 21 2015 | comment  
Is education to grow our minds or set us up for productive work?

Japan faces unprecedented population contraction in 2015 census
Shannon Roberts | Sep 7 2015 | comment  
Countries soon to be in the same boat are watching closely.

Is too much ‘stuff’ affecting our ability to be contented?
Shannon Roberts | May 4 2015 | comment  
One mother takes away all her children's toys.

No one is winning from the world’s lack of children
Shannon Roberts | May 1 2015 | comment  
An Oxford study finds painful periods of adjustment for both East and West are inevitable.

The EU has fewer and fewer children
Shannon Roberts | Apr 23 2015 | comment  
Children decreased by 10 million over the last twenty years - that has consequences.

Sex educators urge births
Shannon Roberts | Apr 13 2015 | comment  
Students need to know that having a baby is a happy event.

Russian demography deteriorates
Shannon Roberts | Apr 7 2015 | comment  
More military spending means fewer births.

A society working for a rich elite?
Shannon Roberts | Mar 23 2015 | comment  
The majority are being forsaken in the name of liberalism

Will low-birth-rate Turks become a minority in their own country?
Marcus Roberts | Mar 19 2015 | comment  
Will the Kurds become a majority in Turkey in the next few decades?

Will we all be African one day soon?
Shannon Roberts | Aug 21 2014 | comment  
By the end of this century 40% of all humans will be African - a radical demographic change.

Niger: the most fertile nation on earth
Marcus Roberts | Aug 19 2014 | comment  
But why do Nigeriens continue to have children when the country cannot feed itself?

Why you shouldn’t take alarmist population predictions seriously
Shannon Roberts | Apr 6 2014 | comment  
Four surprising facts about population which mean that human beings are not fated to ecological disaster

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