Is Europe dying?

Michael Cook | 15 January 2016
More people in Europe are dying than are being born.

The demographics of German migration

Marcus Roberts | 11 January 2016
The new entrants are overwhelmingly young and male: is that a problem?

More Filipinos call New Zealand home

Shannon Roberts | 07 December 2015
These cheerful migrants are in demand.

Dubai: a city over-run by males?

Shannon Roberts | 08 September 2014
Dubai’s gender imbalance is ‘unnatural’ according to a report released last week.

Worldwide migration: a constant factor

Marcus Roberts | 01 April 2014
Worldwide migration numbers have remained static for the last twenty years.

Migrants in Russia: a love-hate relationship

Marcus Roberts | 08 November 2013
The Russian economy needs migrant workers, but some of its citizens aren't so sure.

UK Government: Please, Don’t Come! Part II

Marcus Roberts | 04 February 2013
Romania is not happy with the UK's attempts to limit Romanian migrants.

Raising the IQ of Both Countries

Marcus Roberts | 29 August 2012
Record numbers of New Zealanders are heading to Australia.

Welcome to Demography Is Destiny. We launched this to counter two media memes: that humans are a cancer which is destroying our planet and that world population is spiralling to unsustainable levels. The real story is that intelligent and inventive humans will rise to the challenge of climate change and that our real problem is the coming demographic winter. The editors of Demography is Destiny are Marcus and Shannon Roberts, who live in Auckland, New Zealand. Send them your comments and suggestions. 

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