Overpopulation Myth

Global hunger - gone in our lifetime?

Marcus Roberts | 26 November 2013
The head of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation thinks it is possible.

5 population stories you don’t usually hear…

Marcus Roberts | 16 November 2013
Some myth-correctives for your weekend

More people, less hunger!

Marcus Roberts | 07 October 2013
A UN report puts another nail in Malthus' well-shut coffin.

No such thing as “population explosion”

Marcus Roberts | 23 September 2013
The problem is not too many people, but bad political choices.

Overpopulation fears betray an ignorance of human history

Marcus Roberts | 17 September 2013
According to a NY Times Op-Ed, Malthus is dead wrong.

Could you write a thriller about over-population?

Dermot Grenham | 11 July 2013
Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, proves that you can -- or at least that you can try.

Satire, only funny if based upon truth

Marcus Roberts | 11 May 2012
The Onion writes about population control - why is it funny?
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15 Apr 2014
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