Population Decline

Japan’s Shrinking Role in the World

Marcus Roberts | 08 April 2014
2013 saw a record annual decline in the population of Japan during peacetime.

Ukraine: another problem for the beleaguered nation

Marcus Roberts | 04 March 2014
Aside from Russia, Ukraine has to worry about its demographic outlook.

Tokyo’s 2020 peak

Marcus Roberts | 12 November 2013
The 2020 Summer Olympics will mark the start of Tokyo's rapid population decline.

Migrants in Russia: a love-hate relationship

Marcus Roberts | 08 November 2013
The Russian economy needs migrant workers, but some of its citizens aren't so sure.

How can Germany arrest its population decline?

Marcus Roberts | 06 September 2013
Germany is waking up to its population crisis, but will any governmental policies work?

Detroit: Bankrupt and Empty

Marcus Roberts | 26 July 2013
Is Detroit's impending bankruptcy a glimpse into a future for other declining cities and countries?

Ukraine suffering population decline

Marcus Roberts | 22 July 2013
Let's add Ukraine to the list of European countries in population decline.

Spain is Shrinking

Marcus Roberts | 02 May 2013
Spain's population has declined in 2012. Is this the start of a longterm trend?

Family friendly policies the answer to demographic woes?

Shannon Roberts | 11 February 2013
This week I recommend you to an interesting interview conducted by John Rosen on the Wall Street Journal website with the author of a new book called “What to expect when no one’s expecting”. You can find it here. The author, Jonathan Last, succinctly summarises many of the challenges facing the world as a result of low birth rates. We only have to look like countries like Greece to see that we can’t afford entitlements, for example, without a young working population paying taxes.

Waitangi Day and Japan

Marcus Roberts | 06 February 2013
Happy Waitangi Day! And what does the future hold for Japan?

Is Rural New Zealand Dying Out?

Marcus Roberts | 18 June 2012
New Zealand's rural population is set to decline and get older.

Putin Wants More Babies

Marcus Roberts | 15 February 2012
Putin has set out his policy platform on demography in his presidential re-election bid.

Bulgaria: Another Demographic Timebomb

Marcus Roberts | 27 January 2012
Bulgaria's future is looking bleak as its population is declining and growing older.

Ageing Europe’s future as a “cultural theme park”

Marcus Roberts | 09 January 2012
A new book points to the demographic implosion behind the eurozone crisis.

Eberstadt on Russia’s Demographic Decline

Marcus Roberts | 18 November 2011
An article by Nicholas Eberstadt in the latest Foreign Affairs magazine sheds some light on Russia's worsening demographic crisis.

Detroit’s Population Problems

Marcus Roberts | 28 October 2011
Detroit is grappling with the problems of losing 25% of its population in the last 10 years.

Russia and the Belt of the Mother of God

Marcus Roberts | 21 October 2011
A venerated Orthodox relic is starting a month-long tour of Russia to boost fertility.

Germany’s demographic gloom

Carolyn Moynihan | 27 May 2010
Germany is struggling to solve its population and demographic crisis, reporting that last year births dropped by 30,000 and there was a net loss of 13,000 people through migration.

Russia’s brief burst of optimism

Michael Cook | 13 January 2010
With a population of 141.9 million, Russia is registering a growth for the first time since 1995, says Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. For the past five years the number of Russian deaths had declined, while births had risen. Life-expectancy is about to reach the age of 69.
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