Population Decline

Denmark: Do it for Mum!

Marcus Roberts | 01 October 2015
Another attempt to get Danes to travel more and thus, conceive more...

Abandoned villages for sale!

Marcus Roberts | 12 August 2015
In Galicia, Spain! All the peace and quiet you would ever need!

The demographic tragedy in Greece

Marcus Roberts | 07 July 2015
Greeks have been fleeing economic hardship in their homeland for the last few years.

Germany about to tip over the edge…

Marcus Roberts | 08 May 2015
...and into population decline.

Japanese population: welcome back to the year 2000!

Marcus Roberts | 06 May 2015
The shrinking of Japan continues with no end in sight...

Global population decline in 100 years

Marcus Roberts | 24 February 2015
George Friedman considers what this might mean for the world. Marcus Roberts muses thereon.

Japanese Village of the Dolls

Marcus Roberts | 16 January 2015
Dolls are perfect for filling up a town which has no people.

Is there a Russian demographic revival?

Marcus Roberts | 03 October 2014
Two demographers fundamentally disagree...and they aren't holding back

The emptying of a nation

Marcus Roberts | 30 September 2014
Japanese population decline by 2040 in technicolour map form.

Niue: A dying Island

Marcus Roberts | 17 July 2014
Is there any future for this remote Pacific paradise?

Japan’s Shrinking Role in the World

Marcus Roberts | 08 April 2014
2013 saw a record annual decline in the population of Japan during peacetime.

Ukraine: another problem for the beleaguered nation

Marcus Roberts | 04 March 2014
Aside from Russia, Ukraine has to worry about its demographic outlook.

Tokyo’s 2020 peak

Marcus Roberts | 12 November 2013
The 2020 Summer Olympics will mark the start of Tokyo's rapid population decline.

Migrants in Russia: a love-hate relationship

Marcus Roberts | 08 November 2013
The Russian economy needs migrant workers, but some of its citizens aren't so sure.

How can Germany arrest its population decline?

Marcus Roberts | 06 September 2013
Germany is waking up to its population crisis, but will any governmental policies work?

Detroit: Bankrupt and Empty

Marcus Roberts | 26 July 2013
Is Detroit's impending bankruptcy a glimpse into a future for other declining cities and countries?

Ukraine suffering population decline

Marcus Roberts | 22 July 2013
Let's add Ukraine to the list of European countries in population decline.

Spain is Shrinking

Marcus Roberts | 02 May 2013
Spain's population has declined in 2012. Is this the start of a longterm trend?

Family friendly policies the answer to demographic woes?

Shannon Roberts | 11 February 2013
This week I recommend you to an interesting interview conducted by John Rosen on the Wall Street Journal website with the author of a new book called “What to expect when no one’s expecting”. You can find it here. The author, Jonathan Last, succinctly summarises many of the challenges facing the world as a result of low birth rates. We only have to look like countries like Greece to see that we can’t afford entitlements, for example, without a young working population paying taxes.

Waitangi Day and Japan

Marcus Roberts | 06 February 2013
Happy Waitangi Day! And what does the future hold for Japan?

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Welcome to Demography Is Destiny. We launched this to counter two media memes: that humans are a cancer which is destroying our planet and that world population is spiralling to unsustainable levels. The real story is that intelligent and inventive human will rise to the challenge of climate change and that our real problem is the coming demographic winter. The editors of Demography is Destiny are Marcus and Shannon Roberts, who live in Auckland, New Zealand. Send them your comments and suggestions. 

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