FRIDAY, 24 JULY 2015

The link between hook-up apps and STDs

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The News Story - Rise in sexually transmitted diseases could be linked to hook-up apps

Many have decried the so-called “hook-up culture” in which we live, arguing that it damages both men and women physically, emotionally, and mentally. A new story out of Atlanta sheds light on how some of this damage may be spreading.
FOX News Atlanta reports that hook-up apps may be contributing to Georgia’s rise in STD rates in recent years, by “providing easy access to meet strangers and sometimes engage in risky behavior.” Says Dr. Yolanda Wimberly, associate professor of Adolescent Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine, “You're not in a relationship with someone; it doesn't give you an opportunity to really know that person, to know their sexual history . . .” Nonetheless, Wimberly believes that “the alleged connection” between apps, social media, hook-ups, and STDs still needs more investigation.… click here to read whole article and make comments


MONDAY, 20 JULY 2015

The best age to get married

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20 is much too young to be engaged… Oh, you’re 30, and you’re not married yet? Whatever age we tie the knot, people are going to have an opinion. But what do the statistics say?

Research has generally told us that the older, the better (younger couples lack the maturity), and that your thirties are as good a time as any. But according to research collected in 2006-2010 (as analysed by Nicholas Wolfinger), these days the odds of divorce increase by 5% per year for each year after age 32 – across a variety of demographic and social differences. So what’s changed?

Wolfinger suggests a few potential reasons - that the experience of staying unmarried past 30, with all its probable relationship history, could work to make someone less fit for or less desiring of marriage. Or perhaps the pool of people left to marry at this age does not represent… click here to read whole article and make comments



Video: Hilary Swank turns down roles to care for her sick father

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In this modern day and age, there’s more than plenty to distract us from what really matters. That’s why it’s such a breath of fresh air to hear about two-Oscar winner Hilary Swank, who has been turning down movie roles in order to care for her sick father.

I don’t claim to be an expert on Swank, but I admire her for this decision to put family first. As she puts it - “Really, what we’re here for is our family, right?” Even so, that’s not an easy choice when you have all the lure of fame, riches and glamour to pull you in the other direction! The family unit is something to be treasured, and often instead of protecting that, we’re encouraged to put ourselves first.

At the end of life, we won’t regret not making more money or our career choices – but we will regret not loving… click here to read whole article and make comments


MONDAY, 13 JULY 2015

The more you connect, the less you connect

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Image taken from the Huffington Post.

So we often talk about kids and young people are addicted to their smartphones. But what about you, parents? Have you ever stopped to think about your phone usage and how it could be affecting your children?

A new ad campaign in China has tried to make people think about this very issue and the barriers it can cause in the family. Created for the Center for Psychological Research, the ads aim to promote awareness of a growing screen addiction trend – and how it’s putting barriers between parents and kids, and between couples.

Because at the end of the day, does it matter how many people we connect with on Facebook or how many followers we have, if our own family seems worlds away?

Images taken from the Huffington Post.

Image taken from the Huffington Post.

click here to read whole article and make comments


FRIDAY, 10 JULY 2015

Feminine beauty that endures the ages

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In London, the National Portrait Gallery has opened a major exhibition made up of images of Audrey Hepburn, called “Portraits of an Icon”. And as noted by this article in The Conversation, it portrays a world of difference from the celebrity status that currently exists.

What is it about women like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly that makes them truly iconic? What is it about them and their images that keep them so renowned, recognised and relevant even years after they were alive?

I think the answer lies in their genuine portrayal of feminine beauty. They both have very different looks, styles and stories, and yet they had something that still attracts and inspires people today:

They were classy.

Classiness always appeals, in the same way that kindness or generosity never goes unappreciated. I think this is because a classy person conveys that they are aware of their own… click here to read whole article and make comments



Marriage is forever

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I just read an article on the Huffington Post titled “Five Reasons My Divorce Was the Best Thing That Happened To Me,” filled with the expected reasons of re-self-discovery and regaining self-respect. And while I empathise for the evident pain that comes with relationship breakdown, I’m even more frustrated by society’s almost “drive-thru” attitude towards marriage.

As some same-sex couples line up to be legally wed while others are jumping at their legal right to divorce (I’m looking at you, New Orleans), and as everyone else seems to be going into marriage for the long, sorry no, emotional haul (in good times and bad, at least until the fuzzy feelings have fizzled out); it’s clear that everyone is confused.

So let me clear something up for you: marriage is forever. Here are a few points that couples would do well… click here to read whole article and make comments


MONDAY, 29 JUNE 2015

Gen Y need to learn to switch off

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This morning’s Sydney Morning Herald published an article called “Generation Overstimulation? Generation Y's addiction to being busy,” and just from the title, I could already see that it has a point.

The article suggests that Gen Y-ers are addicted to having too much to do. Their lifestyles are all about overstimulation: juggling the multiple components of their lives with hardly a moment of silence or downtime. And while this seems to be leading to higher levels of stress, being less busy would also lead to anxiety – but more the stress of feeling inadequate and like they’re slipping behind as compared to their peers.

So what are the statistics? 49 per cent of young people report high levels of stress, over 80 per cent are aware that their physical health suffers, and more than 70 per cent know that their social and personal time, as well as emotional… click here to read whole article and make comments


FRIDAY, 26 JUNE 2015

South Carolina church shooter comes from a broken family

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The News Story - Confederate flag debate eclipses one on gun control

“In the near-week since a shooting rampage left nine African-American parishioners dead at the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina,” opined Emma Margolin at MSNBC Tuesday, “all eyes have turned to the Confederate Battle flag flying above the state capitol grounds.”
South Carolina has removed the Confederate flag from its capitol building in Columbia, Mississippi’s Speaker of the House has expressed support for removing the Confederate battle emblem from that state’s flag, and a host of retailers— the largest among them—have pulled all Confederate flag merchandise. And yet, Margolin writes, “virtually no one has advocated for stronger gun control laws in the wake of the Charleston massacre. . . . [S]houldn’t the firearm [Dylann Roof] actually used to kill nine black people at least be part of the conversation on how to move… click here to read whole article and make comments



A selfless bride

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About a month ago, I was at my friend’s wedding – let’s call her Danielle. Danielle looked stunningly radiant, her new husband was appropriately chuffed, the food was delicious, and the speeches were excellent (not to mention that my fiancé made a very handsome groomsman). But they aren’t the things that stood out to me the most. What stood out to me was a story of another guest who had celebrated her birthday the day before, who arrived at the church just as the bride did, and was greeted with birthday wishes from Danielle just before she walked down the aisle.

Yes, that’s the end of the story. Doesn’t seem like a big deal? Then take another look. I am amazed, like actually amazed, at how selfless this small act is on the bride’s part. With my wedding less than two months away, I can only imagine that in the… click here to read whole article and make comments


MONDAY, 22 JUNE 2015

Will Sweetening the Pill, the movie, change the world?

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When I think of a movie that changed the world, Man of Marble by Andrei Wajda comes to mind. I was about 15 when I saw it in the youth community theater of my small French town. This 1977 Polish film tells the story of a young female film maker who investigates the life of Birkut, a super-productive bricklayer of the 1950’s. Once a hero hailed by the local government, Birkut mysteriously disappears along with any public records of his life, and the young woman is left facing a wall of resistance from the administration in her research efforts.

Wajda’s movie was a sharp and effective critique of corruption and propaganda in Communist Poland. It ended up been censored by the Polish authorities and its director jailed briefly. The film indirectly chronicles the underground worker’s union movement Solidarity, the same movement that led to the peaceful fall of the dictatorial regime in 1989.… click here to read whole article and make comments


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