The Princess Wars: your model child

Mariette Ulrich | 22 August 2012

In the battle for my child’s wallet (or soul) the Disney Princesses don’t even make my Top Ten Most Evil list.

Sexualisation of girls and the role of the mother

Carolyn Moynihan | 26 July 2012

While media portrayals of women and girls as sexual objects are omnipresent and intrusive, we can blame too much on these public influences and forget the importance of what parents do.

An ideal husband, perhaps

Mariette Ulrich | 15 June 2012

Having reached the stage in life where my eldest daughters are of marriageable age, I have vowed not to be one of those mothers who badger their children about getting married and producing grandchildren.

Girl violence and the parent gap

Carolyn Moynihan | 21 May 2012

Violence among teenage girls—towards each other, towards strangers—is a growing problem in many countries.

“Sleeping Beauty taught me to dream”

Jennifer Fulwiser | 07 March 2012

I was a prime candidate for a girl whose self esteem would be hurt by pop culture princess fairy tales…

More time online = less happiness among girls

Carolyn Moynihan | 06 February 2012
Girls who spend a lot of time using multimedia seem to be less happy and socially comfortable than peers who spend less time on screens, a study from Stanford University suggests.

Drugs are finite; a girl is “re-usable”

Mariette Ulrich | 13 June 2011
When I see stories like this NY Times piece on sexually exploited children and teens, I’m tempted to wish the world had ended as predicted last month.

Why do girls dress like that?

Carolyn Moynihan | 22 March 2011
Like what? Like prostitutes, says American mother and writer Jennifer Moses in a frank article in the Wall Street Journal. Why? "Because we let them."

The Girl Effect: making boys invisible

Carolyn Moynihan | 05 October 2010
“Hey there! It’s us again. We have a situation on our hands, and the clock is ticking.” So begins a terrific little video from a campaign called The Girl Effect. Technically it’s a hit; but the message -- that’s something else.

What’s driving earlier puberty in girls?

Carolyn Moynihan | 11 August 2010
Evidence that girls are reaching puberty as early as seven years of age is in the news this week following the publication of an article in the journal Paediatrics. It is a topic that has been debated for decades.

Girls ‘lean, mean and resilient’ - and that’s before birth

Carolyn Moynihan | 29 April 2010
Here is another study that sorts the girls from boys. Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia shows that, faced with issues like a mother smoking, drinking alcohol, suffering from asthma or having an infection, girls appear more resilient and better able to cope with multiple events before birth.

Family Edge looks at news and trends affecting the family in the light of human dignity. Our focus is the inspiring, creative, humorous, annoying, ridiculous, and dangerous ideas in the evening news. Send tips and brainwaves to the editor, Tamara Rajakariar, at tamara.rajakariar@

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