Seven things maketh a happy marriage

Tamara Rajakariar | 06 March 2015
Little celebrations, high standards, friends and more.

Marriage protects from heart disease

Nicole M. King | 16 February 2015
Married people are more likely to survive a heart attack.

The romance of a lifetime

William Stearman | 12 February 2015
Advice from a marriage veteran for Valentine's Day.

How to have a happy marriage (even when you’re busy with kids)

Betsy Kerekes | 11 February 2015
10 tips to consider in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day.

More marriage, more healthy habits

Nicole M. King | 05 January 2015
Getting hitched is a strategy for healthier living.

Problems of the heart

Nicole M. King | 15 December 2014
Marriage and its heart attack prevention qualities.

Marriage vs. smoking

Nicole M. King | 17 November 2014
Married people smoke less than the single, divorced or separated.

Bigger the wedding, more likely the divorce?

Tamara Rajakariar | 21 October 2014
It's all about your attitude.

Marriage helps beat breast cancer

Nicole M. King | 17 October 2014
No pink ribbon can replace the support of a spouse.

Expert offer solutions to end marriage crisis

Michael Cook | 03 October 2014
Ahead of a Vatican synod, an international group of experts has made some practical suggestions.

Married at First Sight

Nicole M. King | 16 September 2014
New TV show conveys that society's attitude to marriage is all wrong.

Married parents vs cohabiting parents

Nicole M. King | 20 August 2014
Married parents are economically advantaged and less likely to separate.

To take or not to take, your husband’s surname

Tamara Rajakariar | 08 August 2014
Is this, like, a totally outdated tradition?

Getting married young? It’s good for your mental health

Nicole M. King | 31 January 2014
It also comes with less drunkenness and higher life satisfaction.

Bored with their bliss

Tamara Rajakariar | 14 October 2013
More than half of newlyweds do not consummate their marriage that night.

Do traditional gender roles mean a better relationship?

Nicole M. King | 25 September 2013
Couples who maintain traditional gender roles seem to have more fulfilling sexual relationships.

A marriage for life keeps the doctor away

Nicole M. King | 18 September 2013
Turns out that lifelong marriage delays the onset of disease.

More siblings means less divorce risk

Nicole M. King | 17 August 2013
Two or more siblings mean you're more likely to marry and stay married.

Less marriage, fewer fathers

Tamara Rajakariar | 24 June 2013
Marriage in the only institution which binds a father to his children.

The pressure of proposing

Tamara Rajakariar | 26 April 2013
Somewhere along the way, proposals have become almost bigger and more important than the engagement (and dare I say, marriage?) itself! A topic I’ve been thinking of writing about, it became reinforced today when I read an article titled “Are proposals the new weddings?”

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Family Edge looks at news and trends affecting the family in the light of human dignity. Our focus is the inspiring, creative, humorous, annoying, ridiculous, and dangerous ideas in the evening news. Send tips and brainwaves to the editor, Tamara Rajakariar, at tamara.rajakariar@

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