18-year old male not having sex. World freaks out.

Tamara El-Rahi | 14 July 2014
So there are normal young people out there who still consider sex a special thing!

Teens prefer internet to drinking

Tamara El-Rahi | 16 April 2014
Which is worse for teens - drinking or excessive internet use?

Is it wrong to tell your daughter that she’s gained weight?

Tamara El-Rahi | 07 March 2014
Weight, body image, social values and parenting.

Common teen behaviours linked to depression

Tamara El-Rahi | 21 February 2014
What we thought was normal might actually be risky.

Growth in sexual violence among young people

Nicole M. King | 16 October 2013
1 in 10 young people admit to having perpetrated sexual violence.

Chris Lane dead because boys were bored

Tamara El-Rahi | 22 August 2013
What kind of society produces people who kill for entertainment?

Mostly good news about NZ youth

Tamara El-Rahi | 05 August 2013
NZ youth are now less keen on smoking, drinking, violence and more.

The teenage selfie: harmless or harmful?

Tamara El-Rahi | 17 July 2013
The culture of the selfie could be fuelling one big sexual competition.

A timeless message to teens: mow the lawn, wash the windows, learn to cook…

Carolyn Moynihan | 20 August 2012
Some messages take a long time to catch on -- or perhaps they are things that need to be said at regular intervals, forever. Answers, for example, to the complaint, “I’m bored.”

An app for keeping an eye on your teen driver?

Carolyn Moynihan | 17 August 2012
A mobile phone device being developed allows parents to to monitor the cell phone use of their teens while driving. What do you think, parents?

Obesity researchers find teens “frustrating”. How surprising.

Mariette Ulrich | 30 May 2012
An intensive obesity-prevention program for Australian girls didn't lead to any improvements in their diet, physical activity or body weight a year later.

The American family: torn by a culture of rejection

Carolyn Moynihan | 13 January 2011
We hear a lot about family breakdown but not much that throws light on its true extent, or on the causes. A new study remedies that by describing the parental relationship in terms of either “belonging” or “rejection”.

Parents challenged by cyberbullying

Carolyn Moynihan | 08 December 2010
Cyberbullying. The New York Times has a whole series of long articles about it. Evidently it is a problem we can’t ignore.

Dad, where r u?

Carolyn Moynihan | 18 November 2010
Teens who are constantly texting are much more likely to have experimented with sex, alcohol and drugs than those who don’t send as many messages, a US study shows, And all this “risky behaviour” is linked with -- you guessed it -- slack parents.

The real magic of family dinners

Carolyn Moynihan | 28 September 2010
Monday was CASA Family Dinner Day in the United States and a report from the research centre confirms the important role of family dinners in keeping teenagers connected to their parents and free of substance abuse.

Teens and porn: a feminist’s worries

Carolyn Moynihan | 19 January 2010
A British feminist is sounding the alarm about the effects on teenagers of easy access to pornography, saying that a skewed view of sex is becoming the norm in society and the idea of intimacy is dying.

Families gather around TV to do their own thing

Carolyn Moynihan | 06 August 2009
Electronic media, once a force for togetherness as whole families gathered around the radio or television, are now pulling families apart, according to a report from the UK’s communication’s regulator, Ofcom.

Family Edge looks at news and trends affecting the family in the light of human dignity. Our focus is the inspiring, creative, humorous, annoying, ridiculous, and dangerous ideas in the evening news. Send tips and brainwaves to the editor, Tamara Rajakariar, at tamara.rajakariar@ mercatornet.com

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