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Eric Kathenya | 01 February 2013
Dr Margaret Ogola has entered that rare group of writers published in life and in death! Her 4th fictional title Mandate of the People was launched on 28 January 2013.
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Terrified Christians driven out of Mosul
24 Jul 2014
The Islamic State is expelling Christians from its newly-won territory.

On July 23, 1944, Soviet troops found 800,000 pairs of shoes
23 Jul 2014
This was the day that the world finally realised that the horror of the extermination camps was real.

Can Putin survive?
23 Jul 2014
Russia's strongman is far from finished, but events in Ukraine have weakened his position.

When will the rivers of hatred run dry?
22 Jul 2014
Can Barack Obama earn his Nobel Peace Prize retrospectively by bringing peace to Israel?

The muddled iconography of women bishops
22 Jul 2014
A Church of England decision adds to the confusion about the meaning of priesthood.

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