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Welcome to MercatorNet's great new blog about the good news from Africa! 

Africa has more than one story. When we get to know it well and completely, we surprisingly discover a continent that is big, joyful, generous, enthusiastic and optimistic. It is today the darling of many foreign investors, and the world's superpowers are competing to lay first claim to it, not now as lords as in times past, but with a desire to be first to be regarded Africa's friends. So much has it grown in many facets, economy included, that it portends hope for many peoples.

A one-word Ibo proverb “Nkoli” loosely translates to “tell your own story”. Harambee seeks to contribute local brush strokes to build the real story about Africa told by Africans themselves. 

There is much hope Africa can offer the rest of the world; from its love of life and family, to the heroic examples of people who have withstood great odds with a smile on their lips, and great stories of innovation achieved with limited resources. 

The blog contributors are Africans from different works of life, each with a rich perspective. Our partner is Harambee Africa International, a Rome-based NGO which has a mission to “Communicate Africa”. 

We want to hear from you -- we need to hear from you: your comments, suggestions, ideas for articles, links to positive stories about Africa. Contact me, the editor of Harambee, at harambee@mercatornet.com, or the MercatorNet editors, Michael Cook or Carolyn Moynihan


This article is published by Eugene Ohu and MercatorNet.com under a Creative Commons licence. You may republish it or translate it free of charge with attribution for non-commercial purposes following these guidelines. If you teach at a university we ask that your department make a donation. Commercial media must contact us for permission and fees. Some articles on this site are published under different terms.

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