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Protecting the first “little platoon”
Bryce J. Christensen | 10 April 2014 |
tags: book reviews, conservatism, family, liberalism
Society needs family values - but not the faith they are based on? Where a liberal proposal falls down.

Why Christian ideals are the foundation of a secular society
Michael Kirke | 04 March 2014 |
tags: Christianity, history, secularism
Secularism is Europe’s noblest achievement and Christianity’s gift to the world, says an Oxford don.

Through the underworld to transcendence
Michael Kirke | 07 February 2014 |
tags: book reviews, fiction
Donna Tartt's splendid third novel The Goldfinch is a sharp critique of corrupt Western culture.

Should we really treat animals like humans?
Christopher O. Tollefsen | 30 January 2014 |
tags: animal rights, Christian theology, ethics
All creatures are special, but some are more special than others.

From Grantham to grandeur
Francis Phillips | 19 January 2014 |
tags: biography, book reviews, Margaret Thatcher, UK
Jonathan Aitken has written a sympathetic but perceptive biography of Margaret Thatcher.

The sinner repents?
Peter Smith | 29 December 2013 |
tags: book reviews, British politics, media, spin doctors
A warts-and-all tale of one of Britain's legendary spin-doctors, Damian McBride, the press officer to Gordon Brown.

Penelope Fitzgerald: the valiant life of a mother and novelist
Francis Phillips | 19 December 2013 |
tags: biography, book reviews, women writers
Domestic hardship meant the British writer was 60 before she could launch her career.

Race With the Devil
Francis Phillips | 29 November 2013 |
The story of a journey from racial hatred to rational love.

Reason should be open to God
Leonard Franchi | 19 November 2013 |
tags: Benedict XVI, book reviews, education, liberal education
Benedict XVI had provocative ideas about the true nature of education.

Red Love: The Story of an East German Family
Francis Phillips | 15 November 2013 |
tags: book reviews, East Germany, World War II
The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 but much remains to be understood.

A radical’s road out of Islamist extremism
Jennifer S. Bryson | 12 November 2013 |
tags: book reviews, Islam
Leaving something so powerful and controlling does not happen overnight.

Permanent Present Tense
Francis Phillips | 21 October 2013 |
tags: book reviews, memory, neuroscience
The moving story of a man whose memory was limited to what happened 30 seconds ago.

The making of a polemicist
Megan Hodder | 15 October 2013 |
tags: autobiography, book reviews, Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins' memoir of his early years is charming but provides little insight into his later career as the bête noire of religion.

The world’s most famous physicist tells his own story
Patrick Cusworth | 11 October 2013 |
tags: book reviews, physics, Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking's autobiography is a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the achievements of a cultural icon.

Bergoglio’s list: the untold story
Edward Pentin | 08 October 2013 |
tags: Argentina, Pope Francis, torture
During Argentina's Dirty War, Jorge Bergoglio saved the lives of scores of dissidents, according to a new book.

Gambling on the future of the planet
Roger Pielke Jr | 08 October 2013 |
tags: environment, population growth
The history of Paul Ehrlich's bet with Julian Simon is a great introduction to the population-resource debate.

New movie for Pride and Prejudice devotees
Clare Cannon | 07 September 2013 |
tags: movies, romance

Riding the coattails of Harry Potter
Harley J. Sims | 27 August 2013 |
tags: book reviews, Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling
J.K. Rowling's foray into detective fiction is entertaining if undistinguished.

Why children are wiser (and happier) than adults
Clare Cannon | 20 August 2013 |
tags: picture books

Battle of the myths: Game of Thrones v. Lord of the Rings
Rowan Light | 16 August 2013 |
tags: Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings
Is immersion in corruption and evil really the hallmark of great literature?

US education and economy are on the skids, says British historian
G. Tracy Mehan III | 02 August 2013 |
tags: debt crisis, economics, education, US
Niall Ferguson's controversial analysis of America's institutions is required for anyone who cares about the future of the West.

Quiet: the power of introverts
Daniel Blackman | 26 July 2013 |
tags: book reviews, character, psychology, temperament
The four temperaments get a makeover in an attempt to boost the self-esteem of introverts.

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