Great men make great mistakes
Michael Cook | 23 March 2015 |
tags: demography, Lee Kwan Yew, Singapore
Lee Kwan Yew was a visionary stateman. But his vision for Singapore's population may have doomed the prosperous city-state.

Growing old should not mean growing isolated
Derek Miedema | 09 May 2014 |
tags: ageing, Canada, community organizing
A social isolation epidemic among older people is being countered by community building initiatives.

How the West really lost God
Tom Ascik | 15 October 2013 |
tags: book reviews, family size, religion
The decline in the family has driven a decline in religious practice, says an American journalist.

Why is Europe committing demographic suicide?
Carolyn Moynihan | 11 April 2013 |
tags: birth dearth, birth rates, demographic winter, demography
Frankly, not even the experts have the faintest idea.

2 doctors, 103 women, sterilisation quota achieved
Carolyn Moynihan | 27 March 2013 |
tags: India, population control, sterilisation camps
India's target-driven quotas for female sterilisation are producing horrific scenes, all with the aid of Western money.

What to Expect When No One’s Expecting
Jennifer Roback Morse | 19 March 2013 |
tags: book reviews, demography
At last, a book on demography that talks about its relation to sexual culture.

Population imperialists show their hand in Manila
Francisco S. Tatad | 03 December 2012 |
tags: Philippines, population control, Reproductive Health Bill
International heavyweights and Philippine business interests unite in a desperate bid to get a highly controversial bill passed.

Kenya shaping up to reap a demographic dividend
Seamus Grimes | 27 November 2012 |
tags: corruption, demographic dividend, Kenya
But violence born of poverty and ethnic rivalries demand that leaders look beyond their own political agendas.

China: hoping for real change
Constance Kong | 19 November 2012 |
tags: China, Communist Party, demography, economic crisis
There has been a changing of the guard at headquarters, but entrenched interests are still well guarded.

Nobel laureate criticises one-child policy
Michael Cook | 15 October 2012 |
tags: book reviews, literature, Nobel Prize, one-child policy
Will the national pride in China's first national to win the Nobel Prize for Literature lead to a reform of the one-child policy?

Going extinct is no fun
Michael Cook | 13 August 2012 |
tags: demography, fertility, Singapore
The founder of Singapore looks on with dismay as his country heads into the sunset.

27 amazing things baby boomers have done for humanity
Michael Cook | 31 July 2012 |
tags: baby boomers, economics
For far too long, people have been dissing the children of the "greatest generation". We need to hear more about their achievements.

Yes, Boris, it’s you
Joanna Bogle | 31 July 2012 |
tags: Britain, Olympics, politics
If these the times, then this must be the man, what?

Just enough of me – way too many of you
Richard McLeod | 11 June 2012 |
tags: birth control, New Zealand, welfare
The New Zealand government is the latest to incentivise birth control for welfare mums. But don’t we need those babies?

Unnatural Selection
Jennifer Roback Morse | 06 February 2012 |
tags: books, sex selective abortion
A book by a pro-choice feminist faces up to an unintended consequence of the West's fertility war.

Gendercide: when choice becomes an issue
Margaret Somerville | 30 January 2012 |
tags: abortion, gendercide
Indignation over sex-selection shows that abortion is not just a private matter.

Margaret Sanger: A Life of Passion
Angela Franks | 17 January 2012 |
tags: books, eugenics, population control, Public Discourse
A new biography of Margaret Sanger fails to confront the Planned Parenthood founder’s ideological commitment to eugenics and population control.

After 7 billion
Michael Cook | 31 October 2011 |
tags: demography, population aging
Demographic denialists are ignoring the perils of an ageing population.

Bad shot: when will WHO warn women about the contraceptive jab?
Carolyn Moynihan | 28 October 2011 |
tags: Africa, contraception, demography, HIVAIDS, WHO
The latest strong evidence that hormonal contraception is linked with AIDS finds experts still dallying.

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