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ethical thinking

How to win an internet argument
Zac Alstin | 18 March 2015
tags: argument, charity, philosophy
When being your own worst enemy is a good thing

Mr Spock, the comic utilitarian
Michael Cook | 06 March 2015
tags: Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Peter Singer, Star Trek, utilitarianism
Why is there something faintly ridiculous in the logic of thinkers like Bentham, Mill and Peter Singer?

The forgotten meaning of human nature
Zac Alstin | 05 March 2015
tags: ethics, human nature, natural law, same-sex marriage
Contemporary debates have lost the vision of our ethical heritage

Remembering Auschwitz
Michael Cook | 27 January 2015
tags: Auschwitz, Enlightenment, Holocaust
70 years ago today, the most notorious Nazi death camp was liberated by the Red Army.

Canada’s medical totalitarians
Sean Murphy | 21 January 2015
tags: Canada, conscience, conscience rights, conscientious objection
Doctors are at risk of killing against their consciences or of losing their jobs.

The awe-full truth of human dignity
Zac Alstin | 13 November 2014
tags: dignitarian, dignity, MercatorNet
A MercatorNet contributor reflects on its unique “dignitarian” philosophy.

How can you tell when moralizing is wrong?
Sean Murphy | 06 November 2014
tags: assisted suicide, ethical thinking, morality
Brittany Maynard's death exposed a flaw in the arguments of moral relativism.

Conquering mental castles
Daan van Schalkwijk | 28 October 2014
tags: ethics, philosophy
Western philosophy has acquired the habit of thinking of men as machines. How can this be overcome?

ISIS has done the world a favour
Michael Cook | 01 September 2014
tags: Al Gore, climate change, ISIS, Islamic State
It has killed off climate change as the world's greatest moral challenge.

Law and morality in public discourse
Charles J. Chaput | 12 August 2014
tags: law, law and morality, morality, public policy debates
The natural law should undergird our positive laws, a Catholic theologian argues.

The global niceness challenge announces a winner
Michael Cook | 11 July 2014
tags: foreign affairs, happiness
Statisticians have identified the Mother Teresa of global politics.

Is dementia really Public Enemy #1?
Michael Cook | 24 June 2014
tags: Alzheimer's disease, dementia, greatest moral challenges
The British Prime Minister says that it is. He's wrong.

To aim at virtue and fall short does not a hypocrite make
Paul Adams | 15 May 2014
tags: Christians, sin, virtue
But hordes of online commenters fail to comprehend this. Why?

Stumbling forward into the past
Michael Kirke | 25 March 2014
tags: Christianity, culture, Roman Empire, Western civilization
Even the Roman Empire had a use-by date. What is ours?

Social science is no bogeyman
Paul D. Miller | 18 March 2014
tags: natural law, social science, virtue
Well-grounded research supports virtue and human flourishing.

Should we really treat animals like humans?
Christopher O. Tollefsen | 30 January 2014
tags: animal rights, Christian theology, ethics
All creatures are special, but some are more special than others.

Enduring power
J. Donald Boudreau | 08 January 2014
tags: bioethics, Hippocratic Oath
After 2,400 years, the Hippocratic Oath still inspires doctors. Why is a leading bioethicist mocking it?

Discovered: the secret of morality
Michael Cook | 24 September 2013
tags: morality, science
American scientists contend that the way to make people more moral is to get them to think about science.

Delving into the mind of Islam
Robert R. Reilly and Alvino-Mario Fantini | 16 August 2013
tags: Islam
Only if the West recovers its robust confidence in reason can it confront the challenge of Muslim extremism.

Is America’s lawyer president lying to the world?
Robert Hutchinson | 04 July 2013
tags: Barack Obama, privacy, surveillance
Can we trust what the President is telling the public about the extent of NSA surveillance?

Nikola Tesla and the ethics of publicity
Karl D. Stephan | 01 July 2013
tags: Nikola Tesla, public relations, technology
Even the greatest inventors can become the captives of their own dreams.

“Why Tolerate Religion?”
Ray Pennings | 01 July 2013
tags: religion in public square, tolerance
In an influential book, a Princeton professor argues glibly that religion deserves no special legal consideration.

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